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How Much Does Corporate Video Production Cost?

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Video production is used to introduce your brand to your target audience. Everything is laid out in the video and you no longer have to talk much about your products or services over and over again to get the word out. But how much does a video production cost? 

The question ‘How much does it cost to produce a corporate video’ has multiple answers. The fact is, it can range anywhere from $700 to $150000 and beyond. A typical 1 to 2 minutes semi-pro video in Austin can cost you around $2,000 to $3,000. For a standard professional video of 1 to 2 minutes, a typical videographer in Austin can charge $15,000 to $20,000. This production includes a recruiting video of your brand in Austin or your case studies. 

Although this is not a satisfactory answer, it is important to read this expository piece we have curated to understand the five critical elements affecting the cost of a corporate event video production services austin tx. Additionally, we will be exploring three tips on how to cut down expenses of your corporate video. 

Five Critical Elements of a Corporate Video Production 


The duration of the video as well as the preparation and the shooting will determine the cost of your corporate video production. Here, we are looking at the time expended from shooting to the finalized edited film. For video production, the longer the time was spent on creating the entire video, the higher the cost. 

Implied Costs 

There are standard expenses known as ‘implied costs’ when it comes to corporate video production. Such costs are factored into your budget regardless of the duration of your corporate event. 

Whether it is a 60-second video or a 3-day shoot, creating a video for your business are still costly. There will always be a crew and equipment involved in all situations. Beyond this outside work, there is also the work of filming as well as editing. The rule of thumb is, more film equals more editing. 

Clarity of Your Objective 

If you are particular on what you need to film from beginning to the end, then this can drastically lower the expenses. It is usual for a client to want an additional scene, and this could skyrocket the original cost. 


The scope of corporate event video production services austin tx can largely affect the cost of production. There are other parameters to factor in including a much bigger crew, transportation, as well as scheduling a shooting session to capture the perfect moment. These also take more time to film as well as edit. 

Miscellaneous costs 

It is common to discover extra costs that crop up in the course of the shoot. Such miscellaneous costs could include emergency travel costs, music licensing, translations, food, and many more. 

Final thoughts 

A budget for a corporate shoot in Austin can be quite confusing with lots of background details. Make sure to plan ahead with the videographer, talk about the budget, and use a trusted video agency for your needs.

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