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How Is AI Changing The Translation Industry?

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Artificial intelligence (AI) translation is projected to reach USD 1.9 trillion this year thanks to the massive growth of video localization and the demand for machine translation.

From ironing localization details to the implementation of extensive globalization strategy, an increasing number of organizations treat translation as a significant component of their general business model.

Perhaps the most significant change brought by an ai translator is its ability to capture and understand language problems that are challenging in other types of machine translation.

Further studies have indicated that AI translator is also quickening processes because of its computer-assisted translation (CAT) tools. In general, these CAT tools store all repeated sentences and phrases, together with their corresponding translations for ease of use.

In a nutshell, these translation memories provide everyone with a consistent term that was used to translate the word. Likewise, an AI translator also packs cloud collaboration capabilities, which expedites the completion of translation projects.

Plus, an AI translator also comes with internationalization features that centralize the localization process for foreign markets. Thanks to these tools, businesses can now automate processes to save time and money as well as achieve a better return on investments.

Why Is Translation Important For Your Business?

The translation is particularly essential for small businesses wanting to gain worldwide recognition from global customers and accumulate competitive price margins.

Keep in mind that failing to adopt translation into your business may result in your competitors, grabbing a foothold in a specific market without any competition.

Studies by Common Sense Advisory revealed that 56.2 percent of customers put more importance in reading the description in their language than price.

At present, small businesses are adopting a multilingual interface on their website, which uses AI to translate essential information in many languages. A multilingual website ensures that the customer will completely understand the description while trying to place an order.

Best of all, AI translators also ensure accuracy and help you steer clear of marketing slip-offs. It can be recalled that American companies like Pepsi and KFC had their slogans misunderstood by the Chinese population.

Other benefits that AI translation services can bring to businesses include innovative streams of revenue, robust local or international presence, and effective market penetration.

How Can You Grow Your Business Through Translation?

Note that more than 40 percent of individuals never purchase products unless the description is written in their native tongue. Grow your business by developing a translation gameplan that will enable you to translate key web pages efficiently.

Test the waters and start a two-month trial period to determine the impact of newly-translated content and pages. Gather as much data as possible and localize the top-performing content to make sure that it generates more views and reach from potential leads.

Afterward, try incorporating AI translation services to your customer service pages like tickets, frequently asked questions, and live chat to display sympathy to your customers.


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