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How Do Modern HVAC Systems Improve Your Health?

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HVAC Systems

If you’re building a home or want to upgrade your existing HVAC system, it’s essential to consider the features newer HVAC systems provide. HVAC systems have improved considerably over time. They’re quieter and more comfortable and provide more features to help keep your home comfortable and your family healthy.

Built-In Air Purifiers

Various types of air purifiers can improve the air quality in your home and can be integrated into an existing HVAC system. They help remove dust mites, pet dander, pollen, and other pollutants from the air, so everyone living in your house stays healthy.

Built-in air purifiers also make it easier to breathe when HVAC installers install systems that have fewer or even no ducts. These units are physically in the space they’re conditioning; they provide supply and return air equally, which makes for a healthier, more balanced airflow. That means everyone, including people who have respiratory conditions, can breathe easier.

Zoning Systems 

Zoning makes it easier to heat and cool different sections of your home.  Homes with zoning systems are usually divided into sections that have similar heating and cooling needs. Modulating dampers in each section control the temperature, which improves energy efficiency by adjusting the temperature only in rooms that need to be hotter or colder. Zoning makes the most effective use of the HVAC system’s efficiency.

HVAC systems that have zoning systems also filter the air constantly. Each unit has its own washable filter that captures allergens, bacteria, viruses and particles. Different types of filter also provide other benefits; for example, charcoal filters help neutralise odours.

Environmentally-Friendly Refrigerant

Many HVAC systems use environmentally friendly refrigerants like ethane, isobutane, propane, R-441A, and HFC-32 to cool your home. The chemicals in these refrigerants are less harmful to the environment and won’t cause any health problems.

Quieter Systems

Heat pump systems some companies provide are more modest. They won’t keep you up at night or distract you during the day. This can make it easier for you to sleep at night so you can focus on things you need to do during the day. The only way you’ll know the air conditioner is on is because your home feels more comfortable overall.

Decreased Power Use

These new systems run continuously, but speed up and slow down as needed to constantly maintain the set temperature in each area of the home. This means you save money while your home stays at the right temperature. This reduces your energy bill and allows you to take some of that money and spend it on other things.

All of these features make your home healthier and more comfortable, as well as help, reduce your energy bills. If you need a new HVAC system or you’re building a home and need to choose one, it’s definitely worth it to choose one of these systems. The investment you’re making will help keep your home comfortable, keep you and your family healthy, and keep your energy bill low.

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