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How Compression Arm Sleeves Can Help with Curing Diseases

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Arm Sleeves

As the name suggests, a compression arm sleeve is designed to put pressure on the arms so that the lymph keeps moving in a proper direction. These arm sleeves help in curing serious diseases like lymphedema.

Apart from it, these arm sleeves are a major part of the overall treatment plan of pain and joint recovery. These sleeves are worn in different ways and are available in different designs like sleeves that are worn on the arm, fingerless or gauntlet sleeves, and many more. 

These arm sleeves are made tighter at the bottom, and they get loose when they reach the top. This design helps to create a gradient that helps to circulate the blood flow throughout the limbs.

There are many versions of fabrics available in the market. From extremely soft fabrics to stiff ones, each arm sleeve has its own sets of advantages and disadvantages. These sleeves may also be made up of materials like wool, latex, etc. 

The material using which these are made is highly flexible but has a firm grip at the same time. Arm sleeves are prescribed by professionals all over the world for pain relief, cure from diseases, and prevention from further injuries. 

Compression arm sleeves can help in curing lymphedema to a great extent:

Lymphedema is defined as the swelling that occurs in arms or legs or sometimes both due to the removal of lymph from the body which worsens the functioning of the lymphatic system, which further results in the poor immune system of the body.

The lymphatic system gets blocked in lymphedema due to which the flow of fluid called lymph gets hindered, causing swelling and pain. Presently, there is no cure for lymphedema. Therefore, to minimize the pain and problems caused due to it, doctors prescribe compression sleeves. 

This disease causes hardening and thickening of the skin, a restricted range of motion, aching, and discomfort or pain. The initial stages of lymphedema, that is, stage 0 and stage 1 are known as the mild stages, and in these stages, the only prescribed way of curing is by using compression sleeves.

As per reports, most of the lymphedema therapists prescribe compression sleeves for the cure and control this disease. The duration of wearing these sleeves is also prescribed by therapists. 

Role of compression arm sleeves in the prevention of lymphedema

The present study shows us a contrary view on the role of these compression sleeves. It fights the assumption made earlier, which said that compression sleeves could only be used to control the lymphedema symptoms. As per a study conducted in 2017, viewpoints changed.

An active experiment was conducted, where a regular compression sleeve (15 – 21 mm Hg) was used on women who had procedures of axillary lymph nodes during the breast cancer treatment, probably the later stage of lymphedema.

The result of the experiment was that less postoperative swelling was experienced by the women who used compression sleeves, post one month of the procedure. It was followed by lesser arm edema in the following few months, probably three, six, nine months, and twelve months. 

A compression arm sleeve has a very important role in preventing and controlling the effects of lymphedema. People suffering from lymphedema struggle with swollen arms and legs, and that is very painful and irritating.

These arm sleeves provide support and also regulate the blood flow that is disturbed because of the surgery and by not using the arms and legs continuously. 

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