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How Can I Get Cheap Concert Ticket?

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Ticket prices to any show are very high and it is extremely difficult to find cheap concert tickets to any theatre show. Discount for shows and concerts are very difficult to find. Hence we often miss our favorite concert or a Broadway show or save up in advance for the tickets.

So today we are here to tell you about the various ways to get cheap concert ticket, radio city music hall ticket, and even Broadway show tickets.

Register Yourself on the List

Digital newsletters and subscriptions are the media partner for a lot of studios. They constantly email their subscribers about the various pre-sales and special promotions.

So I would suggest you sign up for favorite artists’ email lists such as Paul McCartney concert ticket, Hamilton concert tickets etc. to get alerts for cheap tickets.

Check Your Wallets

A number of credit card companies, online wallets offer concert perks for their users. Sometimes it’s early access or special VIP offers to shows, other times it exclusive tickets for shows in Madison square garden ticket and radio city music hall ticket.

Another way to get Madison square garden tickets cheaply is by checking in to a selective few sites. They are cheapticket, tickpick, StubHub etc.  

Mobile Apps

Many mobile ticketing apps offer cheap concert tickets every time. They may offer you cashback, discounts or wallet money for each ticket you purchase.  

These apps also have flash sales for a concert which can occur months before the show or a day before it. User’s needs to check the apps constantly.

One such app is TodayTix which sells tickets only within the performance week. (Keep in mind, too, that not every show in your city may be offered, and you don’t always know exactly which seats you’ll get in such sales.)


This is not a sure and short way to get a ticket but if you are lucky enough you will get the ticket very cheaply. There are two types of lottery, in-person and digital. For the in-person lotteries, the person has to come two hours before the show and put his name in a bucket.

If it’s your day, you can get a Hamilton concert ticket for $10 only. The digital lottery for Broadway shows start the night before the show and you can register yourself on this website “Broadway Direct”.

TKTS Booths

This is a nonprofit performing arts service organization which is run by the Theater Development Fund. TKTS generally offer half-price tickets to same day or next day to many Broadway and Off Broadway shows.

There is seldom lines or hold-ups at TKTS booths. You can also become a member of TKTS and get exclusive tickets if you are a union member, teachers, retirees, members of the armed forces and other select groups.

Rush Tickets

These are tickets that are offered to student generally for a concert on the day of the performance. These are prominently sold to students with valid identification. Paul McCartney concert is famous for rush tickets.

If you are a member of the Dramatists Guild, a national association of about 7,000 playwrights, composers, lyricists, 40 theatres in the US will give you seats for free, if they went unsold. So hurry up and join the Guild fast or try one of these above methods to get a cheap concert ticket.

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