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Five Ideas for Writing A College Admission Essay

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College Admission Essay

Going to college is a very important step in anyone’s life and certainly, filling out college applications is a life-changing step. It is really the transition from childhood to adulthood and is the bridge to the most important chapter of your academic life that can shape your future. We have compiled five ideas for writing a college admission essay that will put you at par with professional college paper writers.

1 – What does the essay ask and what is expected of you?

It is important that you understand the aim of the essay and what it expects you to write about. There is nothing worse for a college admission essay than misunderstanding the topic. As much as the college admission essay is a wholesome look at you, the academic aspect of it is very important and must be taken seriously.

Give the assessors a window into your character and personality but also show that you are studious, after all, this is an academic institution you are applying to.  These are some of the questions which can guide you in tackling the question of what is expected in the essay:

  • Which club or society are you a member?
  • Have you held a job before and what did you do?
  • Can you demonstrate your leadership and teamwork skills?
  • Are you compassionate and what do you feel about communal and social responsibility?

Focus on three or four ideas which will sell you effectively to the college admissions board. It is better to articulate a few ideas well than to write down many incoherently. Consider the college admissions essay process and interrogate the goals of the admissions board and keep them in mind while writing.

2 – Make the essay concise.

Your essay should be concise; do not fill your essay with fluff. Since there are hundreds if not thousands of applicants like you being processed, you need to limit the length of your essay to the set word count.

Fine detail and being specific will make your essay a winner. The more concise your writing is the more pleasing it will be to the reader and the easier it will be to understand. Write about yourself very clearly without any reservations while keeping it brief to the point; highlight your strengths and personality accurately.

3 – Distinguish yourself from your competitors

Be unique- distinguish yourself from your peer through your writing. Before you begin writing, ask yourself how you can make a good impression with the admissions board and what will make your essay stand out.

It is very important that you are unique by thinking strategically outside the box- tell them what set you apart from your fellow applicants and why you deserve to be given the chance of joining the college.

4 – Demonstrate a good mastery of language

You are now entering the major leagues of essay writing and your work must demonstrate that you understand that. You should prove that you have the language skills for college by using the right words, in the right places, at the right time.

Make sure that your essay is proofread for errors either by you but preferably by someone else to give it a fresh set of eyes for spotting any errors or omissions.

5 – Work with the set deadline

Working within or missing the set deadline to tell the people assessing you for admission a lot about the kind of character and personality you have. Start writing your essay as soon as possible so that you do not scramble to complete it when it is too close to the deadline. Missing a submission deadline may well mean the end of the road for you as far as that college is concerned.


Colleges accept or reject you based on three sets of assessments: previous coursework which is your high school grade point average (GPA) and college preparatory work, Standardized test scores (SAT) and college admission essays.

professional college paper writers will tell you that passing a college admission essay can also boost your average scores if you did not get very high scores in the other two admission parameters.

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