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Find the Best Personal Trainer Certification School in BC

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If you’re looking for the best personal training certification school in British Columbia, we’ll tell you about one later. But first, we’re going to tell you what to look for in a personal training academy so you can get the right certifications you need, as well as give you some information in what types of programs and courses you need to take.

Being a personal trainer isn’t an easy task, and believe it or not, becoming one is almost as difficult. While the training doesn’t last as long as a typical degree, you still have a lot to learn and prove in order to successfully become one of Canada’s top certified personal trainers.

Make Sure Financial Aid is Available

As with any college program, you want to look at all of your avenues of financial aid. Getting the right training may be a little expensive, and you’re going to need to pay tuition as well as get the right funding.

You want to find a school that will accept numerous types of financial aid, from government funding, to scholarships, and even student loans to better help you. 

Finding the right Certifications

Two certifications that mean a lot to people in the British Columbia area are the BCRPA certification and the ACE certifications.

These physical fitness certs show people that you not only know your stuff, but have the education necessary in order to apply it to your future clients when you complete the course and start your own business, or find a job in a gym.

Finding that Job

You want a school that will help you also get ready for your career by helping you learn successful business techniques and practices in order to better help you after the program to run your own personal training business.

If you don’t have any business sense, you won’t be successful after you go to personal trainer certification school to pay those student loans off, so it’s important you know how to take care of those things as you’ll have plenty of paperwork when all is said and done too.

Learn Quality Compassion Skills

You want to ensure that the courses you’re going to learn will also help you learn how to be compassionate to others, as you’re going to have people that you face as a personal trainer throughout all walks of life.

You’ll have the elderly looking to stay healthy and fit enough to maintain their health, and their needs are a lot different than a younger person who’s just trying to lose weight with a rigorous exercise. By having this knowledge, you can be a better personal trainer too.


If you’re trying to find the best school in British Columbia, you need to look to the Hilltop Academy’s Fitness Leadership Diploma program in order to get your career started.

While you may not have all of the other certifications that you may desire in your career, you can get the two primary certs that can make the difference in being able to start your business journey as a successful personal trainer.

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