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Who would win a fight between Black Mamba and King Cobra?

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Black Mamba and King Cobra

The Black Mamba and King Cobra are two of the most venomous snakes on earth. These two animals are considered dangerous not only because of their venom but size as well. No humans have ever witnessed a fight between these predators in the jungle as they live on two different continents. But today, we did the impossible and brought you the result of this epic fight.

This fight will be all about physical strength, cleverness, agility, and severity of venom.  So let’s equip us with the information about these snakes and then we will bring you the fight.

King cobra:

  • It is the longest venomous snake on earth. It can grow up to the maximum length of about 18 ft. and weight as heavy as 13 kg.
  • It has the capability to kill a big elephant with a single bite. It also produces enormous venom on a single bit which will cause death instantly, if not treated within an hour.
  • Normally, the cobra eats other snakes. So it is predatory in nature, highly agile, and bold.
  • The scary hiss with their hooded flared out is their way of intimating their rivals.

Black Mamba:

  • The snake length is around 14 ft. long slithering at a speed up to 12.5 miles per hours making it the fastest snake on earth.
  • It eats some small animals like birds, lizards, and insects.
  • Black mamba venom is so potent that it can kill a human being with a single bite within 20 minutes,
  • It’s a shy animal so it believes in quick attack but those black jaws are enough to scare anyone.

Who will win the duel?

Both snakes are shy and prefer to go their way if faced in the jungle. Even if they were placed in the same room the predatory element of king cobra as it eats other snakes would come in handy, as it will try to hit the first blow. But the speed of Mamba would save him, he can then strike the cobra.

But the Cobra is used to fight with another snake and he can sustain the mama’s bite which will allow him to strike the killing blow to Mama, Hence Cobra has its dinner but it would come at a cost.

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