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Factors To Guide Your Choice Of Kitchen Backsplash

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Today’s kitchens are no longer simply places where meals are prepared; their designs have been taken a notch higher. We will admit that modern kitchens are now places for artistic expressions! 

Kitchen backsplashes are among the new waves in modern kitchen designs. Instead of protecting the walls between the upper cabinets and the countertop from unwanted splashes and splatters, they are now used to accentuate the aesthetic appeal of the kitchen. Investing in one today will save you lots of troubles on your kitchen walls.

If you are considering what type of backslash you should use, here, we will point out the things you need to know and consider to come up with the choice that is best for you.

Things to Consider When Choosing Kitchen Backsplash

1.    Your budget

The type of kitchen backsplash that you can use depends on how much you want to spend. Backsplashes made of stone and tiles tend to be more durable but are costlier than the other types.

2.    The material

There are lots of materials that you can use for your backsplashes, including wallpapers finished with a water-based polyurethane coating, glass, shiplap, stone, stainless steel…the list goes on. However, the trendiest type to consider is the kitchen backsplash tile mosaic

This is made up of tiny pieces of tiles laid out according to a defined mosaic pattern to create a beautiful backsplash. We advise that you go for this because it is beautiful, easy to clean, and admirably durable.

3.    The thematic concept of your home and kitchen

Modern home designs follow a theme or design concept ranging from vintage, orthodox, contemporary to futuristic. It is important that in choosing your kitchen backsplash, that you adapt it to the general thematic concept of your home and kitchen. 

You can choose from lots of classic or customized designs and patterns, especially for kitchen backsplash tile mosaic, to get the captivating feeling you want. Your interior decorator will guide you professionally in doing this.

4.    Kitchen color concept

This factor will also greatly influence your decision on what kind of backsplash to use. The colors you can use range from light or neutral colors to more colorful hues. Neutral colors will make your kitchen look conservative while more colorful hues will create a more elegant appeal. 

5.    Your countertops and cabinets

Usually, your backsplash will be installed between your countertops and cabinets, so you need to put their design and color into consideration. Your kitchen will look better if they all blend harmoniously. Tile mosaics look great between neutral-colored cabinets and countertops.

6.    Preferred backsplash height

Interestingly, most homeowners tend not to settle factor this into deliberation. Backsplashes usually run from the counter-top to just under the cabinets. You can, however, explore the option of running them through to the ceiling to create a more beautiful focal point. This will admittedly take a toll on your budget.


The bottom line is that the kind of backsplash you install in your kitchen is fundamentally determined by whether you own the home or you are on a lease. Homeowners can go for permanent options while tenants are limited to options that won’t damage the walls.

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