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Ensuring Personal Safety in a Violent World

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Personal Safety

Terrorist attacks. Mass shootings. Home invasions. Sadly, there is no denying that today’s generation is living in a more dangerous world. 

Consider these statistics:

  • According to World Health Organization (WHO) data, violence is among the significant causes of death across the globe, particularly for those aged 15 to 44. 
  • In the 20th Century, 191 people died directly or indirectly due to armed conflict. More than half of them were civilians, the WHO reported. 
  • Terror-related attacks have increased five-fold since the 9/11 incident. 
  • A WHO report showed that interpersonal violence in the United States costs more than $300 billion annually. The cost of violence for the victims was projected to be $500 billion yearly. 
  • Youth homicide rates in America are 10 times more compared to other industrialized nations, and at par with other developing countries. 
  • One in four American women are likely to become victims of extreme physical violence inflicted by a partner, the Center for Disease and Control Prevention (CDC) reported. 
  • The CDC bared that domestic violence costs in the United States amount to $9.05 billion annually. 
  • US taxpayers spend an average of $460 billion to cover police, security, and justice costs related to violent crimes. Each American taxpayer pays an average of $3,257. 
  • Lost productivity from violence is estimated to reach $318 billion yearly.  The state of California has the highest state burden, paying $22 billion annually. 

These data present the prevalence of crimes throughout the world. These give you a picture of why you should continue to protect yourself.

Violence Containment

Authorities have focused on violence containment measures over the years. These initiatives encompass federal, state, and local expenditures and cover expenses related to incarceration, insurance, private security, and smart personal protection device.

Estimates reveal that violence containment costs each American man, woman, and child $7,000 each year. In all, the US spends $246 million an hour or $6 billion a day for these efforts. 

Here are other interesting facts on violence containment:

  • Violence containment, once treated as a discrete industry, could become the largest industry in the US.
  • Violence containment, once considered as a separate national entity, could grow into the seventh-largest economy worldwide. 
  • Spending on violence containment is four times bigger than the US federal budget.

Personal protection 

As an American, you cannot rely solely on the government to ensure your protection. There are many different ways that you can do this. One approach is to use a smart personal protection device, which provides you the following benefits:

  • Send out “I’m In Danger” Alerts: The main feature of these devices is their ability to send out danger alerts to the Network of Heroes. You can send this alert by merely pressing a button located under the thumb. 
  • Utilize in any situation: With the device’s unique design, you can use it even in the most challenging conditions. You can keep it comfortably in your hand and utilize it immediately during emergencies. 
  • Made from cutting-edge technology: The device has a 96 percent stop rate, which is one of the highest among non-lethal methods. Based on feedback from police departments, it is twice more effective than other similar devices. 

Your safety is your primary responsibility. The state will always be there to protect you, but you also have to take some steps to ensure your safety and security.

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