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Curling Irons Buying Guide – Hair Styling 101

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Curling irons are one thing that many women and men use in order to get their hair wavy or even curly. Every person’s hair is different, and therefore it’s important to consider the choices.

With numerous choices that are available in curling irons out there, there are many different things that will make it more difficult sometimes to find the right curling iron for you, but it doesn’t always have to be difficult. In this buying guide, we’re going to hopefully tell you how to choose the proper curling iron to match the style you’re wanting (or multiple ones) for you.

Curl Choice is Key

Depending on the type of curl you are wanting to achieve, this is what greatly affects the width of the barrel on the iron you’re going to choose from.

If you’re trying to achieve tight small curls, then you’re going to want to choose a smaller “barrel” (the hot round part of the iron), while if you’re wanting a larger and looser curl style, you can get barrels of a larger width.

Different Barrel Widths

As mentioned above, different widths of barrels affect your hair differently, as well as the curl you’re trying to achieve. Let’s get into a little bit more detail with this though.

Depending on the style that you’re wanting to set, you may want to use anywhere from the 3/8” barrels or a 2-inch barrel. While yes, there are other sizes available on the market, these are the most standard and widely used sizes in curling irons.

For a really tight and small springy curl, you’ll want to use a 3/8”, 1/2″, or 5/8” barrel on your curling iron. It’s best for shoulder-length hair, or hair that is just past this point.

It is also useful on curly long or short hair. Use a 3/4″ barrel if you want more a vintage look on your hairdo. You can make good corkscrew-style curls with it. You can brush them out after you’re done for a softer look. This is commonly used with short of medium hair, and really good on straight hair or thin hair.

If you’ve got some experience curling your hair normally, you can go with a 1-inch barrel. These are for long layered curls, and it can create a more natural look to your hair. It’s one of the most used widths of curling irons.

Choosing the Right Iron

One of the key factors is that depending on your hair type, the heat settings matter greatly. Lower settings and temperatures help to prevent damage, and higher temps (never go above 340 degrees) are for curling larger amounts of hair or extremely thick hair. If you have thin hair, you can go as low as 200 degrees or a little less.

Choose Your Shape

Shapes offer different types of curls as well. Some barrels are shaped to give more natural looks while some are created to help you get more full curls.


Be sure to check the price when you’re buying a curling iron at lockenstabtest.net. While sometimes you may want to spend the most thinking that you are going to get the best curling iron out there, you can actually end up with one that doesn’t work right for your hair.

It’s best to shop around and even get online and look up reviews on various products. Try to find similar people that have a matching hair type as you and see what they use. You may be surprised that some of these are even the cheaper irons on the market.

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