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How do you convert text into handwriting? Here is a solution

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Text To Handwriting Converter

Does it seem legit? Yes, of course it is possible to convert normal text to handwriting. You don’t need to be a software developer, or to develop AI/Machine learning tools. You have to follow some basic things and do some research work, and it’s done. 

I came across this solution when I, literally, was trying to find a way to submit my assignment. Gosh! It’s a hundred pages of assignment, and the day was approaching rapidly. I thought about hiring an assignment writer, or at one moment I spoke to my niece, but she was too busy doing her assignment. By the way, let’s get started on how to convert text to handwriting.

I found this solution effortless, but it’s one step ahead if you want to make it look more like your handwriting. That is possible, but that’s a little tricky.

Let’s know the easy one. 

This website offers you more than 10 types of handwriting. You can choose any handwriting from the list to start making assignments. It’s a completely handwritten font, uploaded by the developer of the website. You can use any font because it’s 100% unrecognizable. I tested myself when I submitted an assignment. 

Text to handwriting converter online

Step-1.Go to this website https://texttohandwriting.com/

Step-2 Choose handwriting type from the drop-down list.

Step-3 Choose the paper type.

Step-4 Choose the font and handline size

Step-5 Choose Ink color.

You better put some content first, before setting up the font so that you could easily compare the one you want.

If you are done with setting up, then you can start writing assignments. You can also use headlines, either in the headline section or in the body section. The best feature of this website is you can download the write-up in the image format. Later on, you can convert the image into PDF. Now, you are all set. 

text to handwriting converter
This is how it will look once you put the content in the paper format.

To be very honest, I submitted my assignment using this handwriting. It’s passed by my teacher, she didn’t notice because it looked original.

I hope you will like this help. I will update you on how to make your own handwriting in the next article. 

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