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How To Choose The Best Music for Wedding?

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Best Music for Wedding

The music of your wedding will dictate how memorable that event will be. Your wedding day should be one of the most memorable days of your life. So do everything possible to make it memorable to your guests as well.

Decide who will be responsible for giving the musical background of your wedding. Will it be a full band or a DJ? You can seek the help of reputed music companies like the Australian Music Company for your choice. In the meantime, here are the positives and negatives of both to help you decide.  

Flexibility on Setup 

In terms of the equipment setup, a full wedding band will need more equipment, and thus you should be sure to provide more space to accommodate all their gear. Does your reception area have enough space for a stage where your band can perform on? If not, then you may have to adjust your seating arrangement just to set up the band equipment. On the other hand, a DJ will only need a small platform to set up his or her gear. 

Breaks Between Set 

Wedding bands usually have 20 to 30 songs in their lineup that they can play during the event. However, they typically play ten songs each set before requiring a break. When you hire a wedding band, you must be ready to have alternative entertainment since the momentum of the party will abruptly end during each break. On the other hand, DJs can keep the music playing continuously even if the DJ needs to have a short break.  

Sound Volume Level 

Wedding bands are a lot louder than DJs. So when you hire a wedding band, you should expect that there will be loud music playing during their sets. This will minimize the ability of your guests to converse with one another. DJs, on the other hand, can reduce the volume level of the music that they are playing to accommodate conversations among guests.  

Music Accuracy 

Although a lot of bands from the Australian Music Company can cover songs as close to the original version as possible, bands often cannot imitate how a song should sound. So if you have a list of favourite songs that you want to be played during your wedding, you might not like the band’s version of it. DJs, on the other hand, can play your songs precisely as you have listened to them before. 

Musical Variety

Wedding bands are only limited to the songs that they already know and have practised. Groups usually have about 30 to 40 songs in their repertoire and can only play these songs during the event. Bands may not be able to perform requested songs on the whim. DJs, on the other hand, can easily download requested songs and can keep the music playing seamlessly. Consult with the Australian Music Company if you need to have specific songs that want to be performed at your wedding. They can suggest bands that can handle every type of music. 


When you hire wedding bands, you are hiring a minimum of 4 to 5 people. Groups will, therefore, be more expensive to hire than a DJ. You also have in your budget the band’s meals during the event. 

Regardless of who will give the soundtrack to your wedding, you can be sure that the Australian Music Company will work hard to make your wedding memorable. 

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