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Why Need of CCTV, Biometric and Access Control in everyone’s life?

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cctv, biometric and access control

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Today, I’m happy to sharing information about CCTV, Bio-metric and Access Control. We all know that home security is much needed in everyone’s life. With all of the latest technologies coming into consideration, the no of robberies and crime have also increased. A large mass of people is committing crimes on different levels. Every year thousands of banks and other departments all around the world are being robbed and there should be a mechanism for keeping a stop on those crimes.

But not to worry, Science and technology have given us a boon in the form of CCTV, Biometric and Access control through which an eye can be kept on those criminals and the security constraints can be tightened and security can be implemented in a more advanced and an effective way.

Importance of CCTV


Since the invention of CCTV, the no of crime and robbery rates have been slowed down. As of today, almost every country has the CCTV installed in their homes, offices and everywhere where there is a necessity of its installation.

Some of the most important benefits of installing the CCTV are as follows:

Detect criminal activity

A criminal will think a thousand times before robbery if there is a CCTV installed. The installation of a CCTV not only gives the owner of that office an edge to detect the criminal activity but can also keep a track on the number of people have visited that place.

However, once the criminal has done a robbery, with the help of the CCTV, the security in charge can track the criminal activities by viewing on a led screen and further police investigation can be done.

Peace of mind

Installing a CCTV at home or at the office can let the consumer sleep peacefully and can increase the sense of security and confidentiality. The CCTV should be installed in areas where the criminal level is too high.

Improvement in work strategies

Installing a CCTV in a company can help the owner of the company to keep an eye on the employees of that company. Thus by watching a live video, or a recording, the owner will be able to see how its employees are treated and what additional work can be done for the betterment of the company.



In the modern day world of hyper pace, identification and authentication have gone to the next level. Today, the verification is done based on the individuals psychological or behavioral characteristics such as fingerprint, iris scan etc and is referred as the biometric authentication.

Biometric is a very strong technology for user identification and its importance can be explained as follows.

No need for Two-factor authentication

A combination of the passwords and tokens has failed to a large extent in today’s world. Thus, biometric can come handy apart from that two factor. With the help of their biometric authentication, a user’s identity can be perfectly authenticated and only the valid user will get an access to that particular system.

Biometric in Organizations

Organizations today are realizing the importance of biometrics in the protection of various computer works, server rooms and many of their business assets. Hence, many of the companies have installed biometric authentication for the verification of their employees so as to be absolutely sure that no intruder can enter their organization premises.

Biometric is the future of electronic security

Many of the electronic systems have implemented biometric authentication so as to impose a more far better security constraints.

Access Control

 The blockage of an invalid user from entering premises can be terminated with the help of access control mechanisms. The various elements of an access control include authentication, identification, and authorization.

Importance of Access control can be explained as follows:

Intrusion detection and prevention

Intruders can access any building and can cause devastating effects. Thus, implementing access control mechanism can prove to be beneficial in keeping the intruders away.

Industrial Safety

A proper Access control can be implemented for the prevention of industrial accidents. Thus one can control the number of people who should enter the hazardous area.

Detection of criminal activities

Many of the buildings can implement the access control mechanism such as identification; authentication so that no criminal can come inside the building premises and the probability of criminals can be reduced to a great level.

Conclusion of CCTV, Bio-metric and Access Control

Thus, in today’s world where the rate of crimes and other intruder activities have reached the sky-limits, CCTV, Biometric, Access controls are a boon to the modern day humans. Levy them in your organization, homes, and other areas and live your life stressfully.

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