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Buying the Right Birth Plates

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Birth Plates

Having a new family member brings joy and happiness. Families prepare for this in different ways, such as throwing parties and having a baby shower. One traditional way of commemorating the birth of a baby is by having birth plates made. 

Dutch families also use these plates as a symbol of accepting the new baby into their household. Found on the birth plates are some details such as the birthday of the baby, weight and the time of delivery.

These plates are also a great gift idea. You can personalize it by choosing a color and design depending on the baby’s gender. Parents will surely love the gift and the effort that comes with it.

Birth plates signify that the baby and his family are taking life’s journey together. There are a few things to consider when buying the right birth plate for your baby. Some of these are:


Some families put the design of the birth plates as a primary consideration. Each family has a particular design that symbolizes their origin together with their own customs and traditions. The design of a birth plate is similar to the totem of the North American Indians.


Traditionally, birth plate makers use ceramics infused with porcelain. The ceramics would add durability, and the porcelain will incorporate beauty into the plate. Other materials used are metals, glass, clay, and traditional ceramics.


Every birth plate is a masterpiece of its own. It is unique as the baby it represents. In buying one, consider the manufacturer of the plate. Search the internet for different options. Check their portfolio and compare them to know where to get the best deal. 


Companies manufacture birth plates with varying prices and features. If you are in a tight budget, checking different plates and comparing prices will help you score the best one for your baby. Companies that are in the business for so long may charge a higher price as well.


The quality of a birth plate matters a lot as it will represent an essential member of the family. Since you will only buy it once in the lifetime of a baby, consider the company that produces plates at the highest quality but with the right price that fits your budget.


Birth plates come in many sizes. The size you purchase will also depend on where you are going to display it in your home. Some families have their cabinets built to showcase the birth plates of the babies in their family. 

John Braat and Company has been in the business since their forefathers have started the company. They produce commemorative and personalized plates that are lovely gifts for any occasion, such as weddings and the birth of a baby.  

Each birth plate or tile is hand-personalized with the child’s name, date of birth, time of delivery, place of birth, birth weight, height, and an optional personal message painted on its back. It is truly a keepsake worth keeping and treasuring for the years to come.

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