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Best Ways to Recreate the Blank Space Above Furniture!

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Best Ways to Recreate the Blank Space Above Furniture!

Are you constantly confused about what to mount on the blank space above furniture! These voids look dull and executing elements in this space can be tricky. So uplevel this area smartly with practical and pretty decor ideas discussed below.

Keep reading to explore the best ways to recreate the blank space above furniture! Let’s have a look!

Always Mind the Ratio


One common mistake while placing wall decor above furniture is going for the wrong ratio. So, before any step, measure the width of your furniture, which can be a console, sofa, bed, etc.

For best display and execution, your wall decor must cover 2/3 rd to 3/4th of your furniture width. While mounting multiple pieces, treat them as one and follow the ratio rule.

Ensure Right Distance

An eye-level placement is necessary, and the rule changes when you mount decor pieces above furniture. The perfect eye-level distance from the ground to the center of the wall art is 57 inches on a large wall.

But, while placing wall decor above the furniture, the bottom of the wall art must be 20 to 15 cm from the top of the furniture. You can increase the distance for larger pieces, and for small pieces, you can decrease it.

Also, if you’re mounting a wall art grid, ensure even spacing between the pieces. The distance must be 5 to 15cms between the wall art pieces.

Wall Arts Look Perfect

Wall arts like paintings, canvas, and photo frames look marvelous. You can hang tropical beach paintings in the living room over a console or any pretty piece of furniture. It will bring vibrant colors, natural vibes, and positivity to the space.

The same idea goes for beds, mantelpieces, seating, or furniture. The wall arts having beautiful illustrations are available in all sizes and styles with split and multi-frame pieces. The wall arts are versatile, and their execution above a piece of furniture will look amazing.

Plant Hangings for Lively Vibes

Furniture Decor

Another fantastic way to add charm to your furniture is by bringing beautiful plant hangings. Visualize a macrame hanging with a wooden stand holding a plant. It looks so dreamy and chic. Another way is to mount pretty small potters on the wall directly. 

Also, you can go for a plant backdrop and hang some cute plants. Plants like creepers and other indoor plants purify the air and shower positivity; they also demand little care and look very refreshing. 

Mirrors can say a lot

One of the most classic and effortless ways is to mount a mirror over the furniture. You can go for minimalistic frameless mirrors that blend with the decor. Or, take the contrasting path by executing rich, ornate french mirrors. They have beautiful metallic borders and cravings. Finally, you can hang one or multiple pieces over the furniture.

Mirrors look attractive, increase the space’s visual appeal, and have practical benefits. They reflect light in dark corners and make your room look larger due to reflection. The illusion looks great. Mirrors are available in all shapes and sizes and are readily available.

Execute Smart Storage

Align functionality and looks by mounting pretty shelves over the furniture. Minimalist shelves like floating shelves look very sleek and beautiful. You can place books, small pots, and frames over it. 

Also, you can go for some interesting shelves like mountain peak-shaped shelves, ledge shelving, and heavy racks. Decorating it with essentials and decorative items will increase your storage and look aesthetically pleasing.

Final Words

There is a bit of negativity in the blank space above the furniture, and it looks very shabby. So, execute wall decor smartly by following all the tips mentioned above; the right execution will uplift the aesthetics of the space significantly!

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