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Best Ways to Care for Persons with Alzheimer’s

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Alzheimer’s is a progressive disorder that causes the degeneration of brain cells. It’s the most common source of dementia, which results in a continuous decline in social and behavioral skills as well as thinking. In turn, it disrupts the person’s capacity to function independently. 

While estimates differ, experts claim that as many as 5.5 million Americans aged 65 and above might have the disorder. Typically, memory issues are one of the initial symptoms although they might differ across individuals. 

Providing care for persons with the disease can be incredibly taxing and long-term care is necessary. While it can be frustrating for caregivers, it’s equally frustrating for patients who become dependent on those around them. It’s important to learn how to care for affected persons and cope with the common challenges. 

Symptoms of Alzheimer’s 

Memory loss is a major symptom of the disease. An early indication of the disorder is difficulty recalling recent conversations or events. As the disorder progresses, the exacerbation of memory impairments and the development of other symptoms occur. 

A decline in other facets of thinking, for instance, finding the appropriate words, spatial or visual issues, and impaired judgment or reasoning might signal the initial stages of the disease. 

Persons with the disease experience difficulty accomplishing daily tasks such as cooking meals or driving. They might repeat the same questions, lose items, or place them in odd places, and some even become violent as the disorder progresses. 

Caring for Alzheimer’s Patients

When this disease progresses and begins to take a toll on your loved one, you might find it challenging to provide daily care by yourself. If that’s the case, Alzheimer’s in home care long island can alleviate the accompanying stress and challenges. 

You can rely on professional services such as Senior Care Companions, which offers a comfortable and safe setting for those affected. They offer quality care while ensuring your loved one can still enjoy life amidst this confusing period. 

Important Elements of Caring for Persons with Alzheimer’s


Communication is a major challenge for the patient and caregiver because being understood and understanding becomes increasingly more difficult as the disorder progresses. It’s best you use simple terms and short sentences while using a gentle tone. 

Also, try to reduce distractions and noise from the radio or TV. This will help the patient concentrate on what you are saying. Don’t talk to the person like a baby. Instead, use their name when communicating and ensure you get their attention before you begin talking. 

Coping with Delusional Behavior and Hallucinations

As the disease progresses, some patients experience delusional behavior and hallucinations. Hallucinations arise when someone tastes, sees, hears, or feels something that doesn’t exist while delusions are false beliefs, which you can’t talk your loved one out of. 

Handling this symptom can be overwhelming for many who resort to Alzheimer’s in home care long island for professional care. Try not to argue with the patient regarding what they see or hear. Instead, comfort them while responding to what they’re feeling or expressing. You should also ensure they can’t access anything that could hurt them or someone else. 

Mood changes

Abrupt mood changes are one of the most difficult things to handle when providing care, particularly if the person is out of character. For instance, when someone who’s always been calm begins making rude statements and using foul language, it can be hurtful and upsetting. It’s important you remain calm during the outbursts and don’t take it personally. 

While providing care for Alzheimer’s patients can be frustrating and overwhelming, services such as Senior Care Companions seek to alleviate the accompanying challenges. 

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