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Best Way to Enjoy Coffee Gift Boxes

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Coffee Gift Boxes

There is another trend of enjoying your specialty coffee experience and make it happen for each month. Sharing coffee with your loved ones and friends as gifts is a sweet gesture of love for most people, especially to caffeine-dependents and lovers.

Make Coffee as a Gift-Giving Experience

Anyone can choose to subscribe to these top three choices of gift packages:

  • Three (3) months for $71.85
  • Six (6) months for 137.70
  • 12 months for $275.40

Each month is worth the wait since any of these packages include hot air processed coffee that is roasted and blended in a sophisticated manner. Bean Hopper is one of the initiators of coffee gift boxes.

With the mission of bringing a state of the art coffee blend into a simplified and budget-friendly experience; the company has established a perfect concept of coffee sharing and know-how.

In other words, you are bringing not just gifts to someone you love and care, but you are creating a memorable experience with that person; no matter how distance separates the two of you.

The story of Bean Hopper begins with its exploration of the capabilities of drinking coffee as both a beverage and as a gift.

The company started the concept because of an experience in the past of having a hard time finding the right, consistent, and perfect type of coffee for long term consumption.

Since it is nearly impossible to find such an unfailing taste of coffee anywhere at any time, it initiated providing gift boxes to others who are experiencing the same dilemma.

Thus, voila! This highly popular concept was born, which is highly in demand in the current market as adapted by other coffee industries.

No wonder many customers, who are certified coffee lovers, are thrilled to subscribe or recommend someone for a subscription just to have that homey feeling and satisfaction of drinking specialty coffee.

How Does it Work?

In every package you choose for your coffee gift boxes, you can also enjoy the side treats which are handmade with love. These treats vary in every type of gift box you have every month.

Isn’t that amazing? Aside from that, you can as well receive a specialized blending and coffee-making tips through cards in every item package.

It is the company’s way of contributing knowledge regarding coffee to their loyal customers who continuously patronize their gift services as certified coffee lovers.

Thus, you can check out more of the coffee package inclusions and other surprises found in their offered coffee gift boxes.

The company’s goal is not only to provide consistency in sharing specialty coffee but also to encourage the better health benefits of a properly roasted type of coffee with no disappointments.

No doubt most coffee lovers adore and crave for such consistent taste of coffee at a low cost and creating happiness to others at the same time.

Through their site, there are other options of package inclusions and details that you can choose from. You may also contact them online, through phone, or via email for more detailed deals.

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