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Best DIY Advent Calendars to Enjoy with Your Kids for the Yuletide

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We don’t celebrate Christmas for only a day. It is a month-long celebration of remembering Jesus, spending time with the family, preparing festive foods, baking pastries, and singing carols. The whole month defines the true spirit of the holiday season with the gifts and celebration.

Taking time out to craft a special advent calendar for your kids can make the season even more exciting and thrilling. You can make DIY calendars that are made from readily available household items like tissue paper and paper cups.

With meaningful treats and activities to mark each day of the season, your kids will be delighted. And while they enjoy it, you can have a sip of some amazing beverage from a wine advent calendar.

Party Paper Cup Advent Calendar

Use your extra party paper cups of about 24-31 pieces, toilet paper, scissors, sewing needle, glue, rope or twine, rubber bands, number stickers (you can DIY them) and treats.

Note: The number stickers should be the same chosen for the paper cups.

Cut the toilet paper into circles large enough to cover the cups. Use the needle and twine to put the cups together. Fill the cups with treats for your kids, cover the cups with the toilet paper, and hold it all together with a rubber band.

Glue the number stickers to the cups to make them firm.

Activity Advent Calendar

This procedure is pretty simple. You will need a cardboard, number stickers or colored pens (for numbering), sticky notes, twine, and green paint. 

Cut the cardboard into a Christmas tree shape large enough to fit at least 24 sticky notes. Paint the cardboard green and allow it to dry before proceeding or get the cardboard that is already green. 

Write down an exercise on each sticky note—one that your kids will enjoy doing. Cover the note with another sticky note and attach a number sticker to it. 

When all the days have been attached to the cardboard tree, hang the calendar by creating holes; passing a twine through. Hang it on the wall and have a fun-filled month with your kids. 

Trace-The-Date Advent Calendar

This is a craft calendar that the kids will surely look forward to once the Christmas season draws near. Use about 24-31 muslin bags and number stickers, place gifts into the muslin bags, and hang them with a twine. Arrange them in a non-serial manner and watch the kids get excited as they trace the bag for the gifts each day of the month.

 Popsicle Advent Calendar

This is another advent activity calendar similar to the one mentioned above. Decorate an empty jar by tying red and green ribbons around it. Paint the Popsicle sticks of each day of the month with alternating red and green paint. Once it dries, write down an activity for the kids to do every day.

Lego Challenge Advent Calendar

If your kids love to play Legos, then this can be used as a calendar countdown to Christmas. Put Lego pieces in number bags and let them get busy with finding the right matches as they build. 

Put the pieces in one bag and watch them complete the challenge every day of the Christmas season.

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