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Amazon Fire Connected To Wifi But Not Internet – How to Fix?

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Amazon Fire Connected To Wifi But Not Internet

Is your Amazon Fire TV not connecting to WiFi? Or Your Amazon Fire Connected to WiFi But Not to the Internet. Are you also trying to fix this issue, and you are not getting any support, so I am here  to help with this. 

Please follow the below instruction and you will solve your problem within 5-10 minutes. Before starting, I have  listed some related issues which can give you trouble, see how this problem comes and ruin your mood.

Problem 1 – Amazon Fire Connected to WiFi But Not Internet

Problem 2 – Amazon Fire Stick won’t stay connected to WiFi

Problem 3 – Amazon Fire Stick WiFi not in range

Problem 4 – Amazon Fire Stick no internet Or WiFi error

Problem 5 – Amazon Fire Stick keeps losing internet connection

If your Amazon fire TV is connected but has no access to the Internet, so there is just one solution for all these problems. Let’s start why this happens.

I said just one solution. Before finding the support team, you should check and fix some general issues, and maybe you can be solved at your end. 

Check WiFi Or Internet Connection

You should check your Internet or WiFi are working or not. Sometimes internet connection is  weak, so make sure your WiFi router is working. If your internet device is not working correctly, then follow these things.

  • Check the Internet with other devices like phones and computers. 
  • Restart your modem or router by clicking the buttons on the backside.
  • Remove the LAN cable from the router and connect again.
  • Unplug the power button and check again. 

Now, wait 3-4 minutes after doing any option when your modem starts running again then trying to connect your device with the Internet if your device successfully then checks your browser working or not on that device.

If you are using Amazon Fire TV with your mobile hotspot or you have connected with the modem and other devices are working fine then come to the next point.

Troubleshoot WiFi Connection with Your Fire TV

Please make sure you have checked your router, and that is working fine. Also, you have to check the batteries of the remote. Let’s do these things.

Press the button for 5 seconds for putting the remote into pair mode, now again check that is working or not. 

If the problem with the Internet continues, then you will have to restore it.

  • On your Fire TV device, click Settings
  • Scroll over to the right and click System
  • Scroll down and click Reset to Factory Defaults

You will see a dialog box will appear “You are about … will be lost…”.

Now click the Reset button, and the System will go for the restore process, and it will take 5 to 10 minutes. Wait some time for a reset. 

Now you are ready to enjoy. I hope this article will help you to fix your problem. Keep reading our blog and please suggest us the problem at [email protected] so we will try to help you.

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