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How to Grow African American Hair Faster?

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African American Hair

More often than not, a lot of African Americans put their hair through unnecessary procedures which involve the use of harsh chemicals, as well as heat all in an attempt to make their hair have a better appearance and grow longer. Although it seems that doing this can help achieve some results, these results are usually short-lived and are associated with some detriments.

As an African American, if you want to grow your hair faster, there are things you should do. This article contains some tips to help you grow your hair with African American hair growth products that work.

Make Use of Trusted Shampoos

A shampoo is a chemical. And just like other chemicals, it can harm your hair if you do not make use of the right one. African American hair might look tough, but the truth is, it can be easily damaged. The aim is to grow your hair faster and not to destroy it. To get this done, it is best to only make use of shampoos that are free from sulfate. The presence of sulfates in shampoo can make the hair dry and brittle. Also, when buying shampoos, it is best to purchase one which is rich in organic oils.

Make use of a Pre-Shampoo

Just as its name states, a pre-shampoo is applied to the hair before making use of a shampoo. It helps to keep the hair protected from the ingredients contained in a shampoo which might be very harsh on the hair.

Although a pre-shampoo can be made at home, to get the best from the use of one, it is better to by an already made one and follows the instructions carefully.

Make use of Hair Oils

Although the hair produces oils, for enhanced hair growth, you should always apply hair oils to your head. With hair oils, your hair will be able to access supplements which will make it grow more rapidly.

It is not enough to apply hair oils. When using hair oils, take out time to massage deeply so the oil can get into your hair follicles.

Don’t Always use a Blow Dryer

A blow dryer might make your hair dry fast. It, however, exposes your hair to an unhealthy level of heat. Instead of making use of a blow dryer, you can either air dry your hair or dry it with a towel.

Always make use of a Conditioner

If you wash your hair, it is only normal for it to lose some of its oils. You do not want to leave your hair exposed after washing it. Due to this, you will need to make use of a conditioner after washing it. Conditioners do not just replenish your hair oil and moisture; they also make your hair softer.

Moisturize your Hair

In very much the same way as your skin should be moisturized, your hair also should always stay moisturized. With the right level of moisture in your hair, it can stay free from breakage and also grow fast.

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