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A Guide to The Best Features and Functions of Serum by Xfer

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Serum is probably one of the most popularly used synthesizers and arguably one of the finest VSTs in the world, offering powerful and great-sounding tools to users in order to help them create better music.

Why Serum?

While Serum might look like other synthesizers available in the market, what makes it unique is its ability to present every available feature right in front of the user in a visually appealing format. It’s the go-to synth that can be used anytime, even when other VST plugins may have more LFOs and oscillators.

Several fancy software engineering techniques and tools have been implemented to create the Serum oscillators which can help produce incredible amounts of aliasing and sound cleaner than other synth plugins which is pretty noticeable while playing high-pitched sound segments. Here are a few features that set Serum completely apart from every other plugin on the market.

Features & Functions

  • One of the most advanced wavetable engines is used to build the A and B oscillators. By default, you can view the 2D waveform, but if you click on it, a 3D wavetable will be displayed indicating the current wave cycle (frame). The waveforms can be easily blended dynamically or statically, using spectral/harmonic morphing or crossfading, with them changing from one to another by adapting to the phases and levels of individual frequencies. While Xfer Serum skins have a built-in full-spec wavetable editor for most hardcore users, you can still import your own audio files to create custom wavetables. 
  • The wavetable editor allows the user to freely manipulate the waveforms by using a mixture of tools on a graph display. It is similar to the Performer in the NI massive. However, the results are pleasantly different. Additionally, you can also edit/modify the waveform by altering the frequencies on an additive graph or the process using mathematical formulae and preset functions. All in all, Xfer has created Serum with the purpose to include everything, or at least try to include everything a musician might need.
  • The noise generator is a stereo sample player which is pre-loaded with a different flavour of noises. These include white noise variations, output noises taken from classic hardware synthesizers, and various other choices. The noise generator can be run on a loop or in a one-shot mode, so it is convenient for synthesizing percussion instruments. Moreover, it also comes with a range of drum-kit sounds and an ideal handy set of drum transients. You can also easily import your own waves.
  • The filter module of the synth adopts a list from Xfer Records’ LFOtool, which basically ensures that you get a great variety of usual analogue-style models, including low-, high-, band-pass and notch. You also get a variety of phasers, flangers, combs, ring modulations, formant filters, and various other esoteric tools.

Use Serum to Your Advantage

With Serum, you get a number of advanced features that can only be understood completely through practical use. Moreover, there are many Xfer Serum skins and expanded packs available for it. 

For any serious sound designer, this is a must-have instrument because it’s the most versatile and the best sounding synthesizer currently available in the market.

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