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A Comprehensive Guide to Picking the Best Backpack

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Choosing the right backpack is an essential part of planning your trip. Too huge a backpack would mean you will have excess weight to carry around. If it’s too small, you will never fit all your gear and equipment. Choose the wrong material, and water will soak your valuables. 

With the continuous rise of the backpack industry, picking the right one can be confusing with so many options available. Ease up the stress of planning and consider these factors in choosing a backpack that would fit your activity, style, and needs. 

Define the Purpose of Your Backpack

More often than not, people go directly to malls without even knowing the purpose of buying a backpack. As a result, they end up returning these backpacks, which results in added transportation or gas costs. Avoid unnecessary costs by initially characterizing the use of your backpack. Will it be for plane travels, for hiking adventures, or camping?

For people who want to go camping or hiking, opt for a waterproof bag. Usually, the best waterproof backpack has strong grades of polyester and nylon. Besides that, take into account the weather and the terrain you are about to cross. The different conditions call for different backpack requirements. 

Moreover, consider the equipment and things you have to put inside the bag. Having a hunch of your desired capacity narrows down your choices and more importantly helps you save money.

Backpack volume is usually measured in liters and cubic inches. For weekend activities and trips that last for more than three nights, a 55-liter backpack is a reasonable option. 

Backpack Features

Backpacks are subject to wear and tear because of their constant exposure to harsh conditions. 

Always remember the features of every item before zeroing in on a backpack. The bag should display characteristics which make it long-lasting, durable, and insusceptible to rain. 

Look for waterproof backpacks, so everything in your bag does not get wet from drizzle or rain. Typically, the best waterproof backpack does not get musty and will not stay wet for more extended periods. Likewise, do not forget to consider your preferences and backpack fit. What matters in choosing a backpack fit is not your height, but rather it is the length of your torso.

Also, check if the backpacks have lockable zippers. For increased safety, see to it that each compartment has at least two zippers to secure your equipment. You also need to ensure that these locks are approved by the Transportation Security Administration, especially if you are traveling by plane. 

Furthermore, backpacks with internal frames are also a great choice. Internal structures provide support rods which make it easier to move around. Ordinarily, internal frames come with sturdy plastic and carbon fibers, which creates comfort on your back. Padded shoulder straps, hip belts, front-loading are other factors that need essential consideration as well. 

Overall, the right backpack should be proportional to your body. The wrong pack will cause back pains or maybe even make you take a header.  

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