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A Best Food Recipe of India Which Popular In England

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Hello Folks, I am going to share an interesting story about the way in which India is taking England by storm with its food!

The New Food Recipe in England

When you think about traditional English fish, chips, foods and drinks or snaps and bangers comes to mind.  But did you know that Indian curry is also very much a part of English cuisine? Because India was a British colony, the British adapted many Indian cuisine habits, including afternoon tea, and a love for food with spices in it, notably curries.

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The most popular Indian dishes in England are Punjabi ones – from dal makhani to tandoori chicken, and of course curry.  Many English people frequent Indian restaurants all over the island nation, but they are also cooking these dishes at home, thanks to the proliferation of recipes on the Internet, and cooking shows.  

Many Indian cooking shows are beamed into British households via satellite T.V., and the British have long had a love affair with Indian spices – that was the sole reason behind The East India Company.  Additionally, along with Nigella Lawson, many Indian cooks like Manju, and Natasha and Nikhil are celebrities.

There are many Indian grocery stores in England, especially in London, and many Indians live in England, again, especially in London.  These grocery stores carry vegetables, spices, and food stuffs that are native to India, which Indians love.

Many of these food items can only be found in India.  Indeed, in many ways, England has been Indianized in terms of cuisine because many traditional Indian dishes are regularly finding their way to the British dinner table.

British youngsters are so enamored by Indian cooking that many are learning how to be culinary experts in terms of cooking these dishes, and are enrolling in cooking courses in England’s best culinary institutes to learn how to make these dishes.  

Cooks knowing how to make Indian dishes well are in high demand from the British elite, and fine dining restaurants. In fact, the royal family is known to regularly indulge in Indian dishes, especially Punjabi ones.

India was a British colony for almost two hundred years, and both nations experienced cultural and culinary exchanges.  One of India’s best exports to England was its culture and cuisine!

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