9 Amazing Tips to Impress a Girl For Love

Hello, Friends, are you trying to make Girl-Friend? or Are you looking for a Best Friend? doesn’t matter, what you want from a Girls, But if you want to make a Girl-friends or you want to impress a girl then you will have need to Avoid some mistakes. Let’s forget everything and just try this tips to impress a Girl.

Here is the 9 Tips to Impress a Girl

Nine Common Mistakes Everyone Makes In Do These Things, And Girls Can Never Resist You.

Get beautiful shoes and haircut-

Impress Girl

Just told you the shortcut to a girl’s heart. According to studies, shoes are the first thing we notice in any person’s appearance. Strangely accurate, isn’t? Boys, get, set and get dressed.

Pay attention to what she is saying-

Impress Girl

As they say, ‘whatever a girl says on a date, is as important as your main subject in graduation.’ You just cannot ignore or forget what she is telling you. Let it be about her dog, or neighbor, or dog of neighbor- you have to listen to it carefully.

Good smell is always appreciated-

Impress Girl

It is high time that guys start taking care of their body odor. Because it is not cool to feel like a rotten potato when you are sitting next to a girl. The rule is same for bad breath. Always make sure you have smelled fresh.

Look Into Eyes-

Impress Girl

Boys, let’s just put it out there- direct eye contact with a girl is hot. If you are looking anywhere other than that, chances are there she will consider you a pervert, non-interested or too shy to talk. And I am sure you do not want to take this opportunity.

Do not go blank while talking-

Impress Girl

Being nervous is acceptable if you are talking to a girl you like, but going blank or talking nonsense is not something that she will appreciate about you.

Do your research about her interests and likings, and initiate a fun conversation about the same. Portrait yourself like a guy she can have quality time with.

Do not ask a ton of questions-

Impress Girl

Until and unless you are conducting her interview, do not ask her way too many questions. This will leave her believing there is no difference between you are other 24 guys she has rejected before. Maintaining a perfect balance between issues and answers is the key boys.

Be self-confident-

Impress Girl

Girls do not feel attracted towards guys with low self-confidence and self-esteem. Make her feel you know the worth of self, and hence you are worth having her as a girlfriend.

Do not hide behind her on the very first date. Remember, you are there for dating her, not to gain sympathy from her.

Be a guy of good sense of humor-

Impress Girl

Good sense of humor is rare, and we always ask you boys to be fun and easy going in your jokes. Make her laugh with your skills.

Make sure not to crack lame and hard-to-understand jokes. Avoid the situation where you have to explain her a joke because that is awkward.

Order and eat decently-

Impress Girl

Obviously, a date is incomplete without a meal. While ordering, treat her like your lady and do not forget to ask her to order for you. Girls find it cute yet manly.

Once the order arrives, serve her and eat like a gentleman as you keep all the table manners you have learned till now in mind.

Hey! Maybe you will be ready for making a Girl-Friend. So Go and try this tips to impress a Girl in your style. I Hope that this Valentine will be lucky for you. 🙂