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7 Simple Family Portrait Posing Tips for the Photographer

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Family Portrait

Organizing a family for a photo shot is often the biggest challenge for the most family portrait photographers. Some families will give you an easy time and others will complicate the photo session. If you find a family that is not familiar with group photography, you may have to direct them like little kids.

It’s important that you know how to pose them fast so that you don’t waste much time. In this case, you have to consider simple poses that they can copy easily. The poses also have to be unique since the family is looking to create special memories.

Here are 7 amazing tips that you should try:

Tell them to Hug Centrally

When the family is composed of two adults and a single child, this pose is just perfect. You need to ask the adults to hug the kid from both sides as they maintain a central eye contact. The point of focus should be the kid. The pose is best done when the adults are seated and the child is standing at the center.

Squish Them Together

For a large family, this is a great way to pose. It saves time and allows you to capture the close relationship that the family enjoys. The pose requires the members of the family to stand close to one another. Those who are tall, preferably the adults, should stand at the back.

Try the Direct Contact Pose

This pose is almost similar to the squish pose. However, you have to insist on every family member to have a direct contact with one another. They can either hold hands or hug. Unlike the squish pose, this pose is ideal for small families. In addition, the family can choose to either stand or sit.

Ask them to Sit Down

A sit-down pose is one of the most used poses by family portrait photographers globally. It’s a traditional pose that befits big-sized families, more so those with more kids than adults. The pose allows everyone to appear like they are of the same height. You can ask them to sit on a bench or on a grass field.

Include Some Action

Most families like to capture action-packed memories. In most cases, they enjoy taking photographs when they are having a fun activity such as a family dance, a family walk or a family dinner. You don’t have to ask them to do anything but to continue with their fun activity as you take the shots.

Consider the Pyramid Pose

Since the family comprises individuals of varying heights, you can arrange them like a pyramid. The base should look wider and the top narrower. This means positioning the tallest individuals at the center and the shorter ones at the sides.

Direct them to Face a Particular Direction

This is an easy way to take a quick family portrait without so much preparation. Just identify an interesting point of focus and ask everyone to direct their eyes there.

To fit into the class of elite family portrait photographers, you have to be skillful and creative. Having a wide range of posing ideas is one way to show your expertise and you can start with the above tips.

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