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You Should Check these 7 Services For Cheap Travelling in 2018

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Hey! are you looking for chip travelling services? Or have you bored from travel agencies? Don’t think so much. Look into,  financial instability, inexperience in handling money, but such a desirable purchase somewhere in Cambodia – this is no reason to give up the idea of a long-awaited journey.

There is a more natural way out – take care in advance about how to save a little money on each trip. If among your acquaintances there are no experienced travelers who could share advice – this is not a problem.

We offer you a list of sites about cheap traveling that will cope with this task even better. 😉


This is the most popular international project for many years helping travelers from all over the world to get acquainted with the culture of different countries and at the same time to save your money.

Its main idea is that everyone can register on the site and entirely selflessly invite to his or her place for a night’s lodging for any tourist.

Although such mutual assistance is entirely free of charge, both sides benefit significantly from this. It consists in the possibility of direct contact with other cultures, language practice, exceptional communication and, of course, the chance not to pay for a room in a hotel or hostel.


Hitchhiking is one of the cheapest ways to travel. But because of its specifics, hitchhiking may not always be safe or convenient, especially for novice tourists. Therefore, before you “go to the big road,” be sure to check out this site, which contains information from experienced hitchhikers from around the world. Tips for traveling cheap, secrets, real stories, exciting places, instructions and much more.

With proper preparation, hitchhiking can be the only acceptable way to travel for you. After all, this is real freedom, the spirit of adventure, which is always with you.

Among the experienced hitchhikers, there are many who can afford to fly business class wherever and when they want, but this is only a pale copy of what is called real life on the road. Traveling cheap means traveling like a real adventurer.


If you sometimes travel by plane, then this site just must be in your bookmarks. Here you will find a convenient selection of air tickets on a variety of criteria so that you can easily and quickly find the best option.

Also, the site offers an exciting service for those travelers who want to go somewhere, but still do not know where. You just enter the airport of departure and the amount you have, and Momondo tells you where you can fly for that money.


The success of Couchsurfing could not but cause the emergence of numerous imitators. Staydu is one of these sites where you can find hospitable hosts in almost any country in the world who want to shelter you during the trip for free, for help with housework or a small symbolic reward.

Last Minute

Although it is better to plan any trip, not all people follow this advice. Some characters wake up in the morning and suddenly realize that they want to immediately find themselves on the seashore, in the mountains or the Amazon jungle.

For such adventurers, there is the Last Minute, a site which will help organize the trip most conveniently and profitably literally at the last minute. Hotels, cheap traveling packages, car rental, entertainment, local attractions – all in one place and at the best prices.


The services of a local guide, the purchase of maps and guidebooks can cost you quite a lot too. The site Stay.com will help you to save on this and prepare for you a sensible guide to the most exciting places of the chosen city.

You select impressive sights, and the service forms for you a detailed guide with maps and descriptions that you can print or download to your mobile device in the corporate client (works autonomously).


How to travel cheap? Make sure that you stay busy all the time! Travel around the world, learn something new every day, help people and at the same time earn money to spend for your pleasure.

Sounds attractive, does not it? At Workaway.info you can find a simple job in more than 135 countries around the world. Volunteer work offers the choice, assistance in the household, work on the farm, participation in international projects and much more.

I hope that this information will help you. I have mentioned all these 7 cheap travelling services for your convenient budget and best facility. Thanks For Reading

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