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7 Most Heavy Weight People In the World

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We can not imagine that some overweighted people are living around in the world. They all are overweight people. I found 7 most heavy people in the world from Google.

PATRICK DEUEL (1,072 Pounds)

Most Heavy People In The World

Patrick is currently in his mid-fifties. A documentary named ‘Half Ton Man’ was shot about his life, wherein he was mentored by Rosalie Bradford, former world’s heaviest woman on how to lose his extra pounds to have a better and healthy life.

There was a time he hadn’t left his home for more than seven years in a row, and that was a wake-up call for him. After getting gastric bypass and more than a year of strict diet, he lost 570 pounds and has enough a manageable weight now.

PAUL MASON (978 Pounds)

Most Heavy People In The World

Paul is 50 years old. His weight was 444kg some time ago. He takes 20,000 calories a day. Paul has recently undergone gastric bypass surgery, which has reduced his weight by 263 kg.

Paul has blamed the British National Health Service for his weight; he told that when his weight was 181 kg, he was not allowed to meet the Eating Disorder Specialist, which has increased his weight.

DONNA SIMPSON (522 Pounds)

Most Heavy People In The World

Donna is an American woman born in 1967. In 2008, his wish was that he could become the world’s most overweight woman. Donna weighed 273 kg in June 2010.

To live her dream, she created a website in which her fans used to pay her for watching her eat. In 2010, she made Guinness World Record of the world’s most overweight woman giving birth to a baby.

MANUAL URIBE (1316 Pounds)

Most Heavy People In The World

Manual was born on June 11, 1965. He is from Mexico. In 2001, he weighed 597 kg. Uribe said that since 2001, he had been not able to get you from his bed.

In January 2006, Uribe had inspired the program of ‘Televise TV Network’. A documentary named ‘World Heaviest Man’ has also been made on Uribe. His weight was 360 kg on October 26, 2008.

ROBERT BUTLER (1,200 Pounds)

Most Heavy People In The World

Robert Butler died in 2015 after having a rough life as he lived in a care home for about ten years. He mentioned that his weight is the result of depression and his addiction to eating.

During last days of his life. He was extremely in debt because of his care and medical bills. Doctors refused to perform medical surgeries to him because of his critical heath and financial status.

The local fire department had to call for a crane and expand the exit of his building and design a ramp when they shifted him from his home.


Most Heavy People In The World

Khalid Bin Mohsen Shaari had the highest body mass index of “204.” His story of losing weight is interesting and out of the league.

Unlike people who are advised by doctors to reduce their weight, Khalid Bin Mohsen Shaari was commanded by King Abdullah of Saudi Arabia to be removed from his home and get him operated to reduce weight.

According to the king, his obesity was creating an unhealthy image of the country. As of now, Khalid has come down to half his weight, and he is committed to getting himself in a better shape.

CAROL YAGER (1200 Pounds)

Most Heavy People In The World

Carol Yager was the heaviest woman ever to live. She was said to have reached 1600 pounds at a time. But it was confirmed to be only 1200 lbs.

Interestingly, she claimed to have just the normal quantities of food and said her weight problem was because of sexual abuse she faced when she was young. She died in 1994 due to organ failure while she was working on weight reduction.

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