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5 Tips to Consider While Selecting the Best Vegas Club

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Vegas is a 24/7 party city. Clubs attract the young and old.  As a newbie one may want to have the best nightclub experience. It is vital to come prepared. There are various tips to consider while selecting a club in Vegas. They are as follows:

Dress code

Most clubs already have a dress code. It’s vital for the out-of-town people to know what they can wear. Dress comfortably. An outfit that will allow you to display your dance moves. Clubs discourage baggy jeans, sports hats, tennis shoes, capris, and jersey. If it’s your first time and you show up dressed like this, be sure you will be turned away.

For women, a little black dress will go a long way in gaining entrance. This is paired with heels but certainly not six-inch. This may look fancy but after a few hours, you might be walking barefoot while holding them in your hands. This is not a good first impression.

Gents should wear a sports coat and slacks or nice jeans. It’s important to wear leather shoes as no clubs permit athletic shoes.

Cover charges

As a first timer, you need to know cover charges in various Vegas Clubs. They normally range from $ 20-$60 among men and $10-$30 for women. You might be tempted to go to clubs during holidays such as Memorial Day, 4th of July, Halloween and New Year’s Eve. It’s not bad, but be ready to pay extra as for men price will range from $50-$200 and women $50-$100.

This might sound expensive but did you know you can get into a club without paying the cover charge? Well, yes. One can follow two methods. The first is by signing up for the free guest list to the clubs. However, this doesn’t guarantee you to come late. One should come early to gain access to the clubs. The second is by reserving bottle service around your table. It might be expensive but it’s worth every penny.

Night hours

To have the most fun nightlife, a newcomer must consider hours of operation of various Vegas Clubs. Most clubs work from 10 PM to 4 AM. However, one should select a club with more flexible hours. There are some clubs that run up to 8 AM.  These hours show that the fun is beyond words. They might have the hottest and latest hip hop, featuring world-famous deejays and performers.

Have your tickets in advance

There are always long lines to clubs. It’s vital to plan and buy tickets in time to avoid the long queues. Once acquiring a ticket, one is assured of getting a separate and shorter line. This will save a person’s time outside and get more chances to mingle in the club. This is a great way to start a memorable night.

Ask about complimentary

As a first timer, don’t be afraid to ask if a club offers complementary passes. While booking reservations or checking into a Las Vegas hotel one might see club promoters handing out flyers. A person can pick the flyer and call or text the promoter ahead of time to ask for specifics. One can ask about a girl to guy ratio, guest lists, and general admissions. This enables you to know what exactly you are paying for.


To have the best time, one must have in mind the various tips stated above. Do not forget your ID or passport and a set of ear plugs as it can get really loud. Get your party face on and head out to Vegas.  

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