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5 Things You Should Know About Patrick Deuel

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5 Things You Should Know About Patrick Deuel

Patrick Darren Deuel was an American citizen famously crowned as one of the heaviest people in the world. Due to which he was the subject of the documentary “Half Ton Man” on Channel Four’s “Body Shock series”.

Today I am going to share five unknown facts about him –

#1 – His peak weight – He stands at 177.5 cm (5 ft. 10 in). At his peak, he weighed 1,126 pounds at the time. They had to bring in a livestock scale because that was the only scale that could weigh him.

#2 – He couldn’t leave his bed – According to Dr. Harris who treated him at the time said, that Patrick Deuel had almost 91kg of accumulated liquid in his body that is preventing his heart from beating normally and it’s impossible for him to lie on his back. His skin has also stretched out to a point that his body was leaking fluids and he could no longer move out of his bed.

#3 – He was genetically programmed to eat so much – Dr. Harris also believes that people like Patrick who cannot stop eating even after knowing the consequences he faces are genetically programmed to eat and eat. This is due to the fact that in our past due to years facing food scarcity, our body has developed a gene that encourages us to eat more and more to store as much energy as possible in the form of fat for the lean times, so we can survive famine.

#4 – They had to break his house to bring him out – In 2004, Deuel weighed 1,072 pounds and in order for him to have life-saving gastric bypass surgery, a bedroom wall had to be demolished so that he can be brought out easily for the operation.

#5 – He reduced his weight by almost 300 kg almost 300 kg – Various weight reduction operations and daily excised helped Patrick Deuel lost 260 kilograms. After discharge from the hospital, Patrick lost even more weight and reached a low time low of 170 kg a total of 318kg loss.


But that’s was the end as Patrick Deuel again rose to weighs 193 kilograms before his death in his home in Kearney, Nebraska on April 29, 2016, aged 54.

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