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5 Products Celebrities Used During Oscar’s Red Carpet

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Oscar’s red carpet is an event whose vibes can even reach out to outer galaxies. We all wait for it to have a look at who’s wearing what, who’s appearing with whom, and so on.

While red carpet events create a lot of hype and curiosity among people, there are so many eyes and cameras on celebrities and they capture even the minute slip or discomfort caused by the outfit.

Outfits that celebs choose for Oscar red carpet event can be extremely complicated and out of the box. Carrying a sheer deep neck gown is not easy at all.

But have you ever wondered how come these celebs pull off such attires so effortlessly? Of course, there is a whole lot of products they rely on to avoid any chances of the wardrobe malfunction and save them from any controversy.

We dug deep into the subject, and have compiled a list of 5 products that celebrities use during Oscar’s Red Carpet event-

Spray that Manages the Feet

Those heights can’t be achieved with slippery and hurting feet. Our sources say Kate Young; stylist to Margot Robbie sprayed Still Standing Spray on her feet before she put on her heels.

Foot and Shoe

Devices for Soft Skin

Celebs are pampered with exfoliating devices to make their skin as soft as a baby. Ashunta Sherriff said, “I always use DERMAFLASH 2.0, Taraji’s skin before any major red carpet event.  It delivers the exfoliation equivalent of a facial peel at a spa, plus it removes peach fuzz, leaving skin baby soft.”


Shapewear for Flattering Curves

No! Shape wears are not always for hiding tummy fat, celebs use them to smooth out their figure and to keep it put together. Nude shape wears are the favorite of celebs like Betty Gabriel as she walked the ramp with a beautiful sheer gown.


Glue for Cleavage

Celeb’s perfect cleavage is no more a mystery now. They use boob’s glue to hold things at the place so that they can rock in all those dresses which have sexy necklines or shoulder cuts.

Glue for Cleavage

Mask or Skin?

We completely adore Emma Stone’s complexion and smile. But it is not as effortless as it looks on camera. Her makeup artist Rachel Goodwin treated her with Kiehl’s Ginger Leaf & Hibiscus Firming Overnight Mask the night before Oscar’s red carpet event. Also, the next day she used Ginger Leaf & Hibiscus Firming Mask from Kiehl to finish her skin pampering session.

Skin glowing

This was all we have to expose as of now, but we have a lot in the pipeline. Stay tuned for more Hollywood stories. See ya!


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