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5 Cheap and Funny Date Ideas

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Funny Date Ideas

Dates don’t have to cost an arm and a leg. There are plenty of things you can do on a budget that has the potential for laughs and an all-around good time. Some of these ideas are suitable for a first date whereas others should be reserved for attempting with someone you’ve been in a relationship with for a while. 

If you want to show that you are the creative type and that you like to let your funnier side shine through every once in a while, you can surprise your date with a funny, yet inexpensive activity. 

Some will require leaving the house and others you can do right at home. Also, for more ideas, be sure to check out this list of over 30 fun cheap date ideas for under 20 dollars. 

They may come in handy for your less silly date-night mood. With that said, let’s look at 5 fun, cheap date ideas that will tickle your funny bone. 

1- Go on an Antique Story-Telling Run

Go on a run to yard sales and antique stores and makeup stories about the artefacts you encounter. Put all your creative story-telling into the effort and see if you can’t come up with a crazy story about how an object made its way to the antique store. 

Who knows? Maybe you’ll find an antique worth picking up that will become a centrepiece of your relationship.

2- Take a Lesson in a Topic Neither Has Tried Before

Think of the craziest thing you could take a lesson in and book a class. Sign up for a two-hour Harry Potter class or a ‘how to make giant bubbles’ seminar. Go all out and think of the absolutely most memorable and out-of-the-ordinary thing you could possibly learn about. 

If you want the more conventional route, you could go for a guitar class for two. If neither of you plays the instrument, trying to twist your fingers into the correct positions can be a funny matter. However, the weirder you shoot for, the more laughs you’ll enjoy. 

Bonus tip: Choosing something that seems boring at first glance, maybe a funny option. Just make sure not to make a parody of the class itself. You don’t want to insult the instructor and other students.

3- Wacky Movie Marathon

Pick a day that you know you’ll have some free time and have a wacky movie marathon. Each of you can choose one of five movies that are in the ‘so bad they’re funny’ category and have a blast. The movie “The Room” comes to mind.

4- Catch a Comedy Show

A list of fun cheap date ideas wouldn’t be funny without mentioning a comedy show. Check out what comedy venues are in your area and choose the one that fits your budget. You’re sure to get lots of laughs, and the ticket usually comes with a drink. 

5- Go People-Watching

Choose an outdoor cafe or other places where you can hang out and just people-watch. This date idea is like the antique story-telling one from before, but in this case, you have lived, breathing inspiration. 

You can make up stories about how the couples around you met or the argument the grumpy old man is going to have with his bitter wife once they get home.  

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