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5 Best Drinks for Your Office Party

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Office Party

New York is bustling with corporate energy. New Yorkers work hard, but they party harder. In the city that never sleeps, office parties are now more extravagant and wilder than ever. And what is an office party without the drinks? It is the only time that you are allowed, and yes, encouraged to drink and be merry. 

If your boss asks you to be in charge of the drinks, say yes. It may seem like a daunting task to choose this all-important party staple, but an alcohol delivery for business NYC will be your new best friend. With just a few clicks, your alcohol will be delivered to you the next day. 

But before you load up on alcohol, remember you still need to be on your best behavior. Ending up too intoxicated will not look good on your evaluation. A bartender can mix or serve these safe yet sophisticated drinks for you. Ask about it when you contact the alcohol delivery for business in NYC service.

Red wine

Nothing says “sophisticated” like red wine. European wines are best for lower alcohol content. A Syrah or a cabernet has full-bodied and complex flavors. Red wine also pairs well with high-end bar appetizers.

Moscow Mule

Traditionally served in a copper mug, the Moscow Mule is whimsical as it is festive. It is made up of vodka diluted with non-alcoholic ginger beer. It is an excellent entry-level drink with its low alcohol content and familiar flavors.


The “Manhattan” is a classic drink that won’t knock you out. It is a mixture of whiskey, sweet vermouth, and bitters. Drinking this will give you an air of class and elegance — a perfect drink when you are up for promotion. 

Craft Beers

Beers may have a reputation for being less formal, but craft beers exude a smarter vibe. Ale or wheat beer would be your best choice. You can drink a bottle or two without ending up on the bathroom floor. Its flavor textures are a perfect match for the delectable party food. And because each craft beer has a unique story to tell, it is a great conversation starter.


The classic martini is an elegant drink. It is made of gin and vermouth and served in a long-stemmed glass. This drink is perfect for when you plan to go around and mingle. 

Office parties are for socializing and not for extreme partying. Your drink of choice reflects who you are as an employee. It is not the time to be experimenting with hard liquor. Remember, your reputation and that promotion are on the line.

You need a drink that you can nurse for a long time while holding conversations. Your best bet will always be those with low alcohol content. Less alcohol does not mean less fun, though. These drinks have exquisite flavors, which is still a cause for celebration.

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