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5 Benefits to Printing Your Photos on Canvas

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When it comes to taking photographs and printing them out, glossy photo paper is standard. Some might even believe if you want a high quality printed photos it’s the only option.

The truth is photos can be printed onto almost any material; the key is finding the material that does the photo the most justice. For many years that option has been photo paper and later glossy white paper.

But there is another option with canvas. Yes, the same canvas painters use for their paintings. Except, instead of painting the photo by hand, the canvas is loaded into the printer and printed on.

Keep reading to find out 5 benefits to printing your photos on canvas instead of paper.


This benefit definitely needs to be listed first. After all, the whole reason for taking photos and printing them is to make your memories last.

When it comes to the durability it’s tough to beat canvas. For centuries artists around the world have been using canvas to paint on, and many of those works still exist today.

Choosing to print your photos on canvas will give them the best chance of lasting throughout time.

Easy Framing

One of the bigger problems that come with printing on paper is the frame. Photos printed on paper need to be framed in order to be displayed.

The issue that comes with that is choosing a frame without spending a fortune. Choosing the right frame should be done with care. The frame lends itself to the decor of the room and can clash.

But, with a canvas print, the focus remains on the photograph, allowing the photo to accentuate the room. Also, with framed photographs the bigger the print the larger the frame. The larger the frame, the pricier it becomes.

Printing on canvas can be budget friendly as well.


Another amazing benefit to printing on canvas is how inexpensive it is. Especially when compared to framing larger photographs.

Framing a large photograph printed on paper can be very pricey. Most of the cost will go towards the frame, though printing the photo that large on paper is pretty expensive as well.

But, the price of printing on canvas is by far a cheaper option. The choices for frames are un-stretched, photo wrap, mirror wrap, colored border.

There are no expensive frames to worry over about cost, nor will it incur large shipping costs because of weight.


Different Sizes


Unlike traditional photographs printed on paper, there are for more choices in size for canvas prints Canada. This allows you to better custom size your photos for the spaces you have available and want to use.

Traditionally paper printed photographs come in either a 4 x 6, 5 x 7, or 8 x 10. This can become troublesome when you are attempting to decorate and have limited space. With canvas prints though you will have more flexibility when choosing the size of the photograph.


Professional Quality and Appearance


And finally, having your photos printed on canvas gives them a professional appearance to them. Typically, photographs are thought of as being printed on paper and paintings are done on canvas.

Canvas prints Canada gives your photos a high-end painting appearance to them. This makes them appear to be more expensive than their cost affordable prices would actually suggest.

If you’ve thought of commissioning a personal or family portrait but don’t believe you’d ever be able to afford it. Canvas printing provides the appearance of a professionally commissioned piece of art, with an affordable price.

Canvas Printed Photographs

If you want your photographs to last and be displayed with a professional appearance canvas is the best option. Your photographs will look like a professional piece of art without costing a fortune and stand against the test of time.

Canvas has been used for centuries as the standard choice for painters. Let it become the standard again for printing photographs. Display your own photos with pride in your own home.

Canvas prints also offer far more choices when it comes to sizes than paper. While paper photographs come in predetermined sizes, canvas prints can be printed in more custom sizes. This can make it much easier when it comes to decorating and dealing with limited or awkwardly sized space.

Choose canvas prints and keep your memories preserved through time.

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