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4 Ways to Increase Your Golf Power And Flexibility

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Golf Power

Golf is a global sport, enjoyed and played by the people of different ages. Golf is a very popular game in our world. Golf is a sport which involves a low-intensity activity distributed with short bursts of high-intensity activity. Golf is actually performing of swings.

It will help you to move easily your body parts and strengthen your flexibility. Irrespective of the professional and amateur golfers the goal is the same for all. There are a few tricks which will help you to increase your flexibility at the time of golf playing. Take a look at these:

Lower body rotational exercises:

Here are three quick exercises that will help you with lower body rotation.

  • Hip twister: First and foremost get into the golf posture. Now you have to put the handle of the driver in front of you like a solid support. Now with this support slowly move your hip from right to left. You have to keep your shoulder as straight as possible. Your hip should rotate not just only move side to side.  
  • Stork moves: It is very similar to the previous one. The difference is that you have to stand on your one foot. You have to do this exercise slowly first. Here also you need to support on your driver.  
  • Time for plank: Keep in your mind that it is very important to keep your body straight and your butt down. It is an enjoyable exercise if you can do it properly. There are so many variations in the plank. Choose your preferable one and practice it properly. It will surely help you to swing better.

There are many simple lower body separation exercises. These will help you to create a lot of power in your golf swing. Practice these exercises every day that will help you to move better.

Reduce tension:

It is natural that you have tension while you want to hit the ball long way. Too much tension in you reduces both the length and freedom of your golf swing. You need to make sure that at address your grip should relax. A good grip is helping you to move quicker.

Replace your driver:

You will have to face some problems if you are using an old driver. So change or replace your old driver with a new one. It will help you to increase your golf power immediately.

Swing speed:

The swing speed decides your acceleration towards your downswing turn. So know about the swing speed before you go further in the golf game. you can read more about perfecting your golf swing on HixMagazine.com.

  • The backswing:You have to move the club, arms, and hands at the same time as one unit. Do not move it differently. Move with the same timing.
  • The top swing:You have to put your left arms and your shoulders at about 45 degrees. This is the right angle. This will help you to move in a better way.
  • The downswing:You have to keep your shoulders straight and stable. At this stage, you have to focus your eyes at the back of the ball.


Speed development begins with the lower part of the body. Then it moving forward to the torso and is completing its journey at the wrist angle of the lead arm. This play is a combination of all these body parts working together to develop the speed.

The stretch exercises help you to achieve your goal. Strength and conditioning are the main parts behind maximizing the performance of golfers. By utilizing the training protocols you will be able to play better in this field. There are some general guidelines for the golfers.

You will have to follow these guidelines to make yourself a better player in this field of golf. However, there are many sophisticated tools and designs that are used to expand our knowledge of golf. Flexibility is the most important part to be a better golfer.

A compact and powerful swing is defined by the x-factor. Flexibility helps you to reach the full range of motion. It will definitely allow you to increase your strength and power. This will help you to improve your golf performance. By following these guidelines you can definitely improve your potentiality as a golfer.  

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