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4 Dimensions of McDonaldization and How it Changed Us!

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Ford and McDonalds are two companies that changed the corporate world. Ford introduced the world to “Production Assembly,” creating an organized production assembly to manufacture a product promptly. McDonald’s improved this approach and showed how every business (despite its niche) could adopt this concept through “McDonaldization.”

McDonaldization is a process to make product manufacturing time and cost efficient. It takes a task, breaks it down into smaller tasks, and continues to do it until it reaches the smallest level. The given task is then rationalized to the most efficient method of completion. It helps to cut down time and financial investment, thus keeping your workforce at its toes. It also creates the possibility of introducing robot labor in the future.

McDonaldization can only facilitate companies that require manual work, not creative. You can always improve labor practices but not creative. There is no way to rationalize creativity. You cannot treat a manual workforce the same as labor.

Don’t compare Apples with Oranges. For this reason, some businesses like Art Boutiques, Publishing Houses, branding agencies and logo design companies can only take certain aspects of McDonaldization. They cannot change their infrastructure strictly according to this concept.

To help you understand why we are going to explain the four dimensions of McDonaldization. These are:

  • Efficiency

Described as an optimal way to accomplish a task, efficiency can be described as the quickest way to go from being hungry to full. It means organizations around the world need to minimize their time to complete a task. According to a study published by Tom Larney, It entails the managerial focus on reducing the amount of time needed to complete a task and a whole operation of both production and distribution.

  • Calculability

Calculability is focusing on quantifiable objectives (counting their numbers) instead of subjective (their quality). It suggests that quantity is equal to quality and a bulk order delivered to the customer on short notice is as good as a high-quality product that takes time to produce. It emphasizes the turn-around time; customers should consider how much they are getting instead of how much they pay.

  • Predictability and Standardization

In easy words, it means you will get the same service within the same period despite wherever you go. These are common in repetitive and routinized production/service delivery processes with a consistent output of product or customer service.

  • Control

The control is wielded by management to make sure workers appear promptly and behave the same from time to time on a regular basis. It refers to the use of robots and technology to enable the replacement of human employees by robots in the future, whenever possible.

Are Robots Going to Take Away our Jobs?

Businesses adopt several elements of this theory. It is beneficial for Companies that require manual labor. However, we can’t say the same for companies that need a creative touch; they still need the human element. Unless we develop a hyper-advanced AI that shows great potential in creativity, such companies are better off with their current workforce.

Did it Change the World?

We can find these elements throughout our society.  It led to some major changes in science, economy, and culture while introducing a new social structure. Ritzer argues that these Dimensions are not only observed in production, work, and consumer experience. No, instead these dimensions have made their way into our daily life and changed our:

  • Values
  • Goals
  • Perspective
  • Sociality
  • Relationships

“McDonaldization” has become more of a global phenomenon.  Today, it drives the corporate world, economics, and culture. It’s leading us to an age of Global Homogenization. This is more of a rational force that is leading us to irrationality.

Ritzer outlined the irrationality of this rational system by saying, “Rational systems are unreasonable, and they deny us the basic humanity, especially to people who are serving us.”

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