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4 Benefits of Attending a Public University

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Choosing a university to attend can be a little tricky. Both public and private universities offer similar courses and a degree at the end of the course. So does it matter where you attend? The answer is yes. But why does it matter?

There are tons of reasons why you should choose public university over private. For example, whether you studied overseas or a local university, HR is sure to look where you graduated. Some companies will use that reasoning to deny or offer you a job opportunity. 

Reasons Why You Should Select a Public University

Less Expensive

Do you want to save some money yet get the best education? Then a public university should be your first choice. Public universities receive funding from the government. They are then able to charge affordable fees for all students.

Public universities take in many more students as compared to private universities. It means that they collect more tuition fees, which enables them to charge less money.

Some states will provide discounts for students from their area. They do it to persuade them to live, work, and spend money in their home area. For those who live within the school, the boarding fee is quite low. Hostels in private universities are quite expensive. 

A Diverse Student Body

Public universities admit students from different cities, states, and countries. The state university has a diverse community than the private. Other than acquiring education, students learn to interact with a diverse population.

It is one of the skills employers look for, and that’s why they go for those who graduated from public universities. A public university will get you exposed to different cultures, ideas, and background. By the end of your course you won’t only take home a university degree but tons of other skills.  


It may sound vague, but that’s because you haven’t traveled far and wide. Public schools are famous and have a good reputation. Would you like to get a job in a different country? Then you’ll thank yourself for choosing a public school.

The name of the public university you attended will help you get a job more than your qualifications. But if they see a name they’re unfamiliar with; your high score doesn’t matter. You won’t get the job! If you’re yet to find a public university have a look at UCLA admission requirements. Its reputation may land you a well-paying job overseas.

Students’ Resources

Students from public schools are more relaxed. Also, they’re more confident than those from private universities. They provide tutoring service for every subject. They also have a large fitness center where students go to the gym and other workouts.

Furthermore, they provide counseling service in these public universities. The result is a relaxed, highly educated citizen. Private universities can’t afford such resources. If you look at UCLA admission requirements, you’ll see that it’s a public university with vast resources. 

Bottom Line

If you’re looking forward to getting a well-paying job, then enroll in a public university. Not only will you come out with a recognized degree but also the skills of dealing with a diverse community. 

Note: Again, I’m not sure about this. This article sounds like a non-American writer wrote this, not because of the grammar, but because of the picture she is painting.

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