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3 Retirement Gift Ideas for Employees

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Gift Ideas for Employees

When one of your employees retires, they deserve a celebration of freedom after years of work as they look towards an exciting third age in which they can enjoy the time to use as they wish.

Whilst retirement can be difficult for the organisation, particularly if you are saying goodbye to a long-time employee, it is important that you show your appreciation and honor the occasion. A retirement deserves a planned celebration with a retirement gift that is both substantial and elegant. Here are three retirement gift ideas for your employees. 


Create a bouquet with a mix of lilies, carnations and white roses mixed with some greenery that they can enjoy at home. If they have a garden, you could gift them a rose bush that they can enjoy each summer.

For something that will last for an eternity, consider a rose dipped in gold or silver that can be displayed at home as a mark of your gratitude for their commitment and loyalty to your organisation. 

Together with flowers, ask colleagues and employees past and present to contribute photographs, professional achievements and milestones plus well-wishes that you can incorporate into a memory album.

Such personalized retirement gifts show the efforts people have made to say thank you for their contribution at work. All the contributions can be collated online and made into a bound, printed book.  


It may be that your retiree has hobbies and interests that you could tie your retirement gift in with. Here are some ideas. 

New TV

Many retirees have good health and the resources as well as the time to enjoy life without the constraints of work. This includes making the best of all the shows that are available on TV. Gifting a smart TV with a larger screen will make their viewing experience that much better. They can stream world news, celebrity news and a range of sports.

Suitcase turntable

A classic suitcase turntable will be a reminder of youth as well as the chance to dig out the old vinyl. Playing music like this not only produces a different sound but people have reported that the listening experience is better, because a focus is on the music. 

Duffle bag

Now is the chance for a lot of trips away from home. Rather than a luggage set, consider a chic, durable duffel that can hold plenty enough for days away from home, or to hold their kit on the way to the gym.

Food and wine

Food and wine are standard gifts, but you can make them special for the person who is retiring. Here are a couple of ideas:

Monthly wine subscription

There are a number of wine subscriptions in which retailers or vineyards mail out a selection of wine, handpicked to suit their preferences, which are delivered directly to their home address. These can include flavor notes and pairing suggestions for the budding sommelier.

Personalised wine glass

Raise a glass to the retiree with a quality crystal glass engraved with a quote that you know they would like. This could be a phrase they use a lot at work or a simple message of best wishes for their retirement. You can pair this with a bottle of their favorite wine. 

Recipe Card Tin

If you know they would love a box of truffles, go ahead and gift this. However, you can prepare a gift that keeps on giving by asking the office to write out their favourite recipe which you can then present in a recipe card or box embellished with their monogram. 

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