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3 Reasons to Buy a Heavy-Duty Tire Changer

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Do you own an automotive shop but only employ only a few technicians? No worries, because with the help of reliable machines, you can certainly accommodate more customers and increase your sales. Investing in technologies such as heavy duty tire changer makes it easier to change truck tires, limiting the downtime caused by the human body fatigue. 

These days, it is hard to find good employees that can do their job accurately without taking too long breaks. For this reason, most automotive shops rely on machines to get the job done and prevent liabilities caused by accidents in the work environment. Machines need minimal maintenance, and you can get the return on investment quickly. 

What is a Heavy Duty Tire Changer? 

As the name implies, this equipment is used to change tires of large vehicles, such as trucks, and mount the new tires in its right position. Because these are heavy-duty machines, you can expect a daily cycle count of a minimum of 100 tires and a maximum of 200 tires per day. 

Furthermore, these machines are versatile and can attend to all sorts of vehicles. It can clamp a wheel with a center of 4” or 19.5”. Using this equipment minimizes the time allotted for changing tires. It can work continuously for long hours, increasing efficiency. 

Reasons to Get a Wheel Changer Machine

Having a heavy duty tire changer provides a host of benefits to business owners. In addition to efficiency, you can promote a safe workplace, reduce the risk of damage, and increase profitable work time. 

  • Promote A Safe Workplace

In the United States, there is a Worker’s Compensation Claim that employees can use to file or report abusive employers, and get a claim for medical costs, wage reimbursement, and job retraining. For business owners like you, this claim can give you a headache, as you need to provide money to the employee plus pay your lawyer. 

To prevent complicated issues, it is best to get machines to automate the work and prevent injuries. In addition, providing training to handle these devices reduce injuries and accidents in the workplace. The tire changer is easy to operate and provides no hazard to operators. 

  • Reduce Risk of Damage

Some workers tend to damage components of cars while changing the tires. Typically, damages include bead damage in trucks and other vehicles. These damages can add up to the cost, and make you spend more than earn money. This is a common problem for automotive shops, as workers tend to commit mistakes in handling the job. 

If you have a machine, changing tires can be done quickly. With a bead saver arm, damages can be prevented. Additionally, workers will be more efficient since they have a support machine to finish the work. 

  • Increase Profitable Work Time

In business operations, time is considered as money. Every minute matters, and if workers change the tires manually, it will take them long to finish the task. To promote efficiency and profitable work time, it is best to have a machine. As the owner, you can get the return on investment as you cater more customers to your shop. 

Get your hands on the tire changer machine to reap a myriad of benefits. Make sure to buy one from a reputable supplier to get your money’s worth. 

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