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12 Disgusting Things Girls Do, But Guys Never Notice – oh Really!

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Disgusting Things

No matter how hygienic they call themselves, girls are also humans. And sometimes they do the yuckiest things, but guys fail to notice them as they do it like a Pro.

  1. Unwashed Bra:

Yes! They give long lectures to their boyfriends about wearing clean underwear, but they repeat lingerie many times. Next time, use this as an argument when your girlfriend calls you unhygienic. this is Disgusting Things

  1. Lazy and hairy in winters:

Girls become bear-haired in winters. They get a chance not to shave their hands and legs as the weather is cold and clothes are full. this is Disgusting Things.

  1. Sneezing feels like explosion during periods:

Next time if a girl suddenly turns into a mad evil after sneezing, just play it cool with her. Chances are there that she’s with her periods and she will kill you if you mess with her.

  1. Dirty hair:

OK, this is something you may already know, but girls do not wash their hair as frequently as you guys think. Girls go days and even weeks with that greasy scalp. All thanks to hairstyling tutorials, guys never know that. this is Disgusting Things.

  1. Stinky clothes:

Let’s put it out there; they are not hygiene goddesses. They do smell their clothes as they decide whether to wash them or they can wear it for another day, and extra do always works if they want to wear it more.

  1. Tampons, smell and hygiene:

Girls are supposed to change their pads or tampons in every 4-6 hours, and girls ‘have to’ do it during heavy flow as they overflow and smell. But, on the 4th and 5th days, they do not care to change them even in an entire day.

  1. Playing with pimples:

Movies portrait girls are playing with their hair or scarf, but they love to play with their breakouts. Peeing and pooping them is one of the most satisfying things to all the girls in the world. this is Disgusting Things.

  1. Food, fishing, and Bra:

There is a committed relationship between girls’ food and their bra. I am sure you never get hold of it, but yes food slips right into their bras as they wear loose tops.

  1. Struggle with mascara:

On a long day, eye makeup gets dried, and that is when girls do weird things like pulling it off publically. Usually while doing so, they make funny faces and expressions.

  1. Adjusting bra in public:

The bra is the most uncomfortable ever happened to humanity, and it is next to impossible to find a bra that fits like heaven. Girls are experts in adjusting it in public without anyone noticing them. this is Disgusting Things.

  1. Uncomfortable outfits and hacks:

Well, this is something only a girl can do. They have an emergency solution for every is happening. Broken heels, lost button, failed chain- girls fix them, and no one knows what went wrong.

  1. Nails are self-cleaning!

With long nails come to the unwanted dirt, and you cannot always have a nail kit for yourself. That’s when the nails of your other hand come to a rescue. Yes, girls do this technique every time.

Hey! Beautiful Girls, Don’t mind. It’s just kidding. Thanks for reading articles. if you are agree then share this articles…:-)


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