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10 Best Golden Rules to Look Sexier in Indian Wear

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Indian wear, unlike western wear, does not showoff much of your skin, so you need to accessorize it right to look sexy. There are sixteen essential elements of shringar(adornment) in Indian wear that you can follow to have that sultry and sexy look in your Indian attire.


A basic bindi would be a red dot worn at the center of a forehead by Indian brides but to enhance your look you could customize it according to your attire. There are various forms available in the market today.

Mang Tikka

It’s a hair adornment worn at the center of the hairline and drops down on the forehead. There are various forms available like one with flat pendant, other with a double strand, etc and each could be worn in different styles.


You all must have heard of those sultry black Smokey eyes of Indian women. Although Smokey eyes are work in many nations but it suits best on Indian skin. Kajal is an essential day to day wear for Indian ladies and while it enhances your beautification, it is also said to save you from evil charms.


Called by various names, this nose adornment has its own style in different states and cultures of India and add that required sultriness to Indian wear.

Haar or Necklace

There are various kind and length available each coming from different mythologies of India. You can adorn anything varying from a rani haar or a galaband to naulakha, it has its own significance according to the dress and occasion.

Karn phool or earings

Although it seems to be commonly heard name but Indian earnings have their own design that they carry and each have a specific outfit with which it need to be worn with. It ranges all the way from jukes to chandbali and latkans.

Mehendi or Indian Tattoo

Women wear mehendi in India in all small to big occasions as its considered auspicious in Indian culture. It adds that maroon sultry color to your hands and feet in Arabic designs and also freshly worn have the smell of its own to add an extra sex factor.

Choodiyan or Bangles

These are must have if you are wearing an Indian attire. They come in various colors and range from glass, clay, metal etc.

Bajuband or armlet

Made of metal, a bajuband adorns the upper part of your arm and looks really sexy on slim and sexy long hands.

You may find various other items in the spring list of Indian vanity that could add that oomph factor to your attire. Each have the significance of its own and is a complete attire changer of its own. It’s always good to understand a bit about Indian culture before deciding on what to wear.

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