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Top 10 Effective Super foods That Boost Your Mood

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Have you ever realized about why at times when you are upset, you feel like getting a bucket of your favorite ice cream?

A simple answer to this is that food helps in fighting depression, tension, and extreme stress. It is just not a mental satisfaction that works here but then would also have scientific value in them which helps in calming down of the nerve cells.

These foods are named as the super foods because of the reason how these foods ensure the well-being of human lives.

1- Dark chocolate

This is going to make to the very first position in this particular list. Chocolate is favorite to many people regardless of gender, age, cast, and creed. The dark chocolate definitely can help people in getting their mood boosted if it is consumed of 3.5 to 7 ounces each day.

Dark chocolate is made of cocoa, and there is no mystery in the very same. The dark chocolate is enriched with cocoa flavanols. These cocoa flavonols have a property of reducing the stress. Dark chocolate can also help in reducing Alzheimer’s and dementia.

Dark chocolate

2 -Bananas

This particular fruit can be quickly consumed at about any time of the day. Each person has a love for bananas. Bananas are known as the powerhouse of the mineral of potassium tits it also is very much enriched with various vitamins and minerals.

Tryptophan is one rare mineral that is found in Bananas. This particular thing helps by raising the serotonin levels. All of these elements assist in boosting the mood in a jiffy.


3 -Asparagus

This particular vegetable is extremely expensive without any doubt. But then why wouldn’t it be expensive at all? After all, it is still with almost everything that will help a person in getting relieved out of extreme stress, pressure, and depression without any doubt at all.

The asparagus is filled with Vitamin C which helps in getting rid out of the depression. It is proved that the consumption of Vitamin C during the period of depression helps a person in easing of their stressful mind very easily. Also, it helps in raising the folic acid levels which also helps in fighting the depression.


4 -Avocados

The avocados can be used in food in various ways. People can make Salsa of them, or even can consume them in the form of sauce, or in a wrap any particular way they want to use it.

Apart from this particular feature of avocado, this particular vegetable can also help the people in realizing how many helpful it can be during the times of depression.

An avocado is filled with fats that are healthy, and this particular thing helps in the levels of dopamine and endorphins to increase in the body. People can easily get rid of depression with the growth of these two elements in the body.


5 -Mussels

One of the most favored seafood the Mussels also can be considered as one of the most famous foods that help in getting rid of the depression and boosting of the boat in a jiffy.

This particular food has an excess of vitamin B12 filled in it. The B12 help in the functioning of the nervous system completely normally and in the very process helps with the formation of the S-adenosylmethionine. This particular thing known as S-adenosylmethionine helps in monitoring of the mood very quickly.


6 -Green tea

Best Green Tea can be considered as one of the healthiest drinks that are available around the world. The green tea helps a person in various ways and also not to forget comes up with the best possible solution for depression as well.

The green tea has existed on the face of the Earth for more than a 1000 years of time and since its evolution people are experimenting with the various bits of help that people can get out of it.

The Green tea is enriched with amino acids and various antioxidants. Also, it consists of the L-thiamine that helps in reduction of the stress in a jiffy. This ensures the mood is boosted within seconds of consumption of green tea.

Green tea

7 -The Swiss chard

The Swiss chard is a leafy green that is available to us. But it just does not exist as a leafy green but has also managed to be proved as one of the most useful things to us.

It has the high level of Folic acid which helps in getting rid of the stress and assist in boosting the mood within seconds. This particular thing is more than helpful without any doubt at all.

The Swiss chard

8 -Eggs

Once this particular protein enriched food gets into the body when it helps the body in the creation of serotonin. Serotonin is practically one such hormone that helps the body in various ways of getting rid of the depression. It, therefore, helps in boosting the mood.


9 -Salmon

This particular fish is not only tasty and costly but then the salmon is incredibly enriched with Omega 3 and Omega 6 which health and fighting off the anxiety and depression within minutes of consumption. It also helps in keeping the brain healthy.


10 -Almonds

Almonds quickly can fight off the depression without any problem at all. It keeps the body feels with energy and increases the memory of people as well.


Thus, food is not only essential to provide you power but also to keep your mood in proper condition. There can be sometimes when your anger, frustration, and anxiety may have gone away after you consumed some food.

This is only because some of the ingredients are made in this way that can help in controlling the hormones for anxiety and hence calms you down. All these foods mentioned above are exceptional in their way and help in fighting depression and boosting of mood.

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