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The 10 most attractive and beautiful dishes will make you crazy

beautiful dishes, Food lovers do not consume food just to satisfy their hunger, but they also wish to search for good taste with good looks.

This is the reason today chefs all over the world are devoted not just to making their food tasty but also pretty in their presentation. A food plate should thus satisfy not only your taste buds but also your eyes and nose.

All around the world, there have been some such dishes that attracts at first with its beautiful looks and then imprints your taste buds with their flavours.

Rose For A Rose: It’s beautiful dishes.

beautiful dishes

This particular dish is mainly beets and flatbread garnished with rose petals. But the way how it has been done is worth mentioning and admiring. Some of the other essential ingredients of the dish are hazelnuts, dill and brown butter.

It can be either a baked beet-crust galette with rose petals as garnishing or also the garden salad with the beautiful flowers that are edible. Correctly named, rose remains the main attraction of the dish in either of the case each time it is prepared. It’s beautiful dishes.

A Light, Bright Thai Curry

beautiful dishes

When somebody has this amazing curry dish in front on the table, the very first thing that may come into mind to accompany is the white fluffy jasmine rice. This is a usual vegetable curry with lots of Thai flavours and aroma.

The only difference that makes this dish unique is the red bell peppers cut into strips and also the basil leaves that are well presented in the whole form on the plate.

The delicious curry is brightened up with all these ingredients making it much presentable and attractive than any of the traditional Thai curries. It’s also beautiful dishes.

Beautiful Curves

beautiful dishes

It is not only that colour dominates and defines the attractiveness of any dish. Chefs often play along with different shapes to provide the meal with a look that is beautiful, and that attracts the people to taste it for sure.

The Nice dish Curves is a stunner rollatini that is simple but yet has been shaped artistically to make it look extraordinary.

People have a fantasy about curves even in their food may inevitably fall in love with this dish also. For those who are more into straight lines can surely go for others such as Roman-style artichokes. It’s also beautiful dishes.

A Vertical Lasagna

beautiful dishes

Correctly named, this vertical lasagna is mainly a colour tower that is placed exactly in the centre of the plate. The dish is combined beautifully and tastefully of various ingredients like zucchini, tomato, pumpkin seeds, basil pistachio and similar.

The colourful tower or better described as the vertical lasagna will provide your tongue different flavours at the same time whenever you get a bite for yourself. It’s also beautiful dishes.

Crowned Queen

beautiful dishes

Do you think that the colours from the vegetables can only make the dish look stunning? Well, then you should have an eye on this dish surely to know how meat can also create a beautiful looking dish for the flesh eaters.

The roasted legs of the lamb are placed edged out in such way that it creates a look of a queen’s crown on the plate. This makes it a royal treat for all those who have come up to taste this incredible delicacy of roasted lamb legs. It’s also beautiful dishes.

A Spanish Masterpiece

beautiful dishes

Have you ever imagined a flatbread pizza without the cooked deli ham? This fantastic looking and tasty dish are made of Spanish Serrano ham that is combined up with green arugula, golden peaches and garnished well with goat cheese.

If you have invited your special guests for dinner and wish to surprise everyone with something unusual and exciting, then nothing can go wrong with this perfectly cooked and presented masterpiece. It’s also beautiful dishes.

Fruit As A Button

beautiful dishes

Fruit as a Button mainly describes a light fruit salad with all the healthy fruits as the ingredients. It can be oranges, strawberries, grapes, blueberries and many others. Combines all these fruits provide the dish sunny salads feel.

The dish is full well when the all nutritional salad punch is garnished well with the gooseberries. It’s beautiful dishes.

Linguine with Broccoli Rabe Garnish

beautiful dishes

You must have of course heard of linguine that is garnished well with pesto, but this particular dish is something with a punch. Here the plate of linguine is decorated with a sauce that is prepared by broccoli rabe and not by basil.

Also, the whole preparation is garnished and decorated with mini florets. Thus, it makes the dish beautiful to look at and also offers it nutritional punches along with unusual flavours to taste. It’s also beautiful dishes.

Natural Beauties

beautiful dishes

Natural Beauties is the name entirely thought about the collection of cookies that have been prepared from all natural ingredients in the month of December.

Some of the wells thought cookies that look good and also tastes good are the jam filled ice diamonds and also the cinnamon logs.

Made of very natural ingredients, these are inspired by the scenic beauties of various outdoor locations, and thus they make a fantastic snack each time when you wish to have something exciting. It’s also beautiful dishes.

Perfect Imperfect Kabobs

beautiful dishes

This dish is counted in this list because it reminds of the fact that sometimes imperfect things can also be counted as perfect. This grilled simple to prepare Greek dish is an example of simplicity that makes a delicacy look attractive.

The dill chopped roughly, the crumbled feta and the shrimps provide a lazy feel to the plate, but it takes advantage of attracting the food lovers with the grill marks on them.

It again shows how non-vegetarian dishes can also be presented in the most amazingly attractive way. It’s also beautiful dishes.

Over the time it has been noticed that food also needs dressing and grooming to attract people towards it. The competition in the food market is highly dominated by not only the flavours that the chef adds but also by the presentation that he or she serves on the plate.

These dishes as mentioned above are just a few examples of how food can be attractive and beautiful. There are much more to explore that are being prepared in different corners of the world each day or even each hour of a day.